Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things can only get worse for the LibDems

They could have an even worse leader than Ming, as Hannan notes, in the form of the perfidious Chris Huhne.
So my money is on Huhne, the man who, in 1991, delivered himself of the following observation: “Britain’s belated membership of the ERM has proved to be a greater success than almost anyone expected. We have discovered, 11 years after most of our European partners, that fixed exchange rates make sense”. There you have the authentic voice of the LibDem loser through the ages: self-important, unapologetic and wrong.

Talk about the art of being wrong: the ERM was, in fact, a total disaster for Britain (although made even worse by idiot politicians—who would have thought it, eh?) and NuLabour apparatchiks still delight in referring to Black Wednesday.

Chris Huhne is a fuckwit.

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