Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yes, it's music time again here at The Kitchen. This time, the song that fitted my mood was Sustain from The Waterboys' 2007 album, Book Of Lightning.
Blues are falling like showers of rain
but I don’t feel like crying
Death is abroad this day
but I don’t feel like dying
I learned how to sustain myself
how to sustain myself in storms

Her tongue was like a scythe
and all her bones were haunted
A scapegoat for her life
was all she ever wanted
I learned how to sustain myself in storms

Sir Bedivere slept in the field
his armour strewn around him
curled foetus-like beneath his shield,
still weeping when we found him

I teetered on the edge of doom
degenerate and broken
She sucked the poison out of my wounds
and spoke the great unspoken
I learned how to sustain myself in storms

His monstrous ego, whipped and driven
raged beneath his clothing
The compliment he paid was given
not with grace but loathing

Deliverance is at the gate
with arms and gold in store
She apologises for being late
but I don’t need her anymore
I learned how to sustain myself
how to sustain myself in storms

Scoured and stripped of all pretence
shorn of all illusion
I offer nothing in my defence
—you may draw your own conclusions
I learned how to sustain myself in storms



Anonymous said...

There is a storm on the way for sure! The reality of a Soviet type EU is coming to fruition soon and the sad part is that we can do nothing to stop it now! Most of the pieces are in place ie 'anti terror laws,camera surveilence,ID cards,mental health laws,GPS monitoring and the list goes on! The EU is even planning a 'cashless society where your body is implanted with a chip that debits money and services as you use them(very convenient Eh?) so as the old book says "nobody shall be able to buy or sell lest they have the 'mark'! Welcome to Hell in the shape of the EU superstate!
Yes we are heading for a storm, the question is how many of us will get through it?

Anonymous said...

Here's something to cheer you up, DK, posted this to Comment Is Free tonight for Polly and Gordon.

Hello Polly, it's me again.

As you know, we in Harlow are so sick to the back teeth of being disenfranchised by anti-democracy elitists like you and Gordon over this Treaty that we've taken matters into our own hands.

Democracy haters all:


And you can do nothing to stop us. Two or three days ago when we began this, we were angry and in despair. Now, with the petitions and votes for a national Referendum rolling into our boxes in their thousands, we've found our fighting spirit and it's so wonderfully empowering.

I arrived home just after 9pm - a 13 hour day thanks to staying late at work designing a Referendum poster and delivering more Referendum forms on my way home - to find a bundle of 456 votes on my kitchen table left by Bobby, a pensioner with a bad back. He'd collected those in just

"I need some more ballot papers, I've run out", said Bobby's note on top of the pile of votes. So I took him some round.

When I asked Bobby how he managed to collect so many (named, signed and addressed) REFERENDUM VOTES in just 2-3 days (unfortunately, this cannot be a secret ballot), Bobby said:

"I've bin out all day, every day, since you gave me the forms...though it's brought me arthritis on a bit..but it's like the war, n'it, we've gotta do our bit for our country."

Gawd, Bobby, I said, please have a rest now, I don't want you killing yourself for this.

"Nah, I'm alright", said Bobby, "I'm collecting in the town centre tomorrow."

" 'Ere, do you know I got chucked out of the Sainsbury's today,", Bobby told me with a look of defiance, "the security man said 'you can't ask people to vote in 'ere without the manager's permission.' I said, WELL GET THE MANAGER THEN!...First time I've ever been chucked out of anywhere in me life."

Bobby is 73, Polly - and you and Gordon should hang your anti-democratic heads in shame because you aren't fit to clean his boots.

I want to tell you about the deaf and almost blind volunteers we have, Polly, about Nev who thinks he's cracked his ribs yet is going to get out of bed to take the Referendum to his bowls club, and Gib who's collecting votes though he needs sticks - and so many others.

Of course, you won't believe any of this.


Come to Harlow, meet all of us Harlow Referendites and see for yourselves how much we detest your anti-democratic political experiment - and you. Then explain to us why you're betraying us, selling our democracy to the EU and forcing us to fight you for it.



We urge everyone right across our country to do this too, start your own Referendums in your home towns and villages or wards. It' so easy, people are so angry that they practically fight to vote and you'll soon be inundated with volunteers, I promise you.

We're doing it at almost nil expense in Harlow, with a shoe string budget and a war time spirit...and so can you

Please spread the word.

Auntie Flo'

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