Monday, October 22, 2007

Sparing the lash

Yes, yes, we all know that the media tend to highlight the more outré of these sentences cases, but I dislike this kind of casual murder almost more that murder for profit: it is such a senseless waste of life.
Five child gang members who killed a pensioner by throwing stones at him while he played cricket with his teenage son were each given two years' youth detention yesterday.

The boys, aged 12 to 14, spat and swore at 67-year-old Ernest Norton before throwing sticks and stones at him as he practised bowling with his son James on a tennis court beside Erith leisure centre in south-east London in February last year.

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Two stones, one the size of half a brick, struck the father of two on the temple and fractured his cheekbone. He then collapsed with a heart attack. The boys, one of whom was just 10 at the time, were convicted at the Old Bailey of manslaughter and violent disorder in August. Yesterday, some of them wept as they were sentenced.

They wept? Well, my heart fucking well bleeds. Whilst I think that making the little fuckers into dogfood is (possibly) going too far, I do think that these kind of offenders would do fantastically well being strapped naked into the stocks for a week or two.

After all, once they've experienced having stones thrown at them, they might be rather less inclined—should they survive—to do it to others.


Unknown said...

We have this marvellous judge here in Alberta (bless his heart) who suggested a few months ago that corporal punishment should be brought back (including lashing).

Most judges don't have much brain left (due to excessively bleeding hearts), but a few are still all right, like this chap.

Anonymous said...

Worryingly, I also had the thought of stoning the little turds as a punishment for what they've done. It is very very very disturbing that some little kids genuinely have no conscience.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the sort of parenting they have had. Where is the punishment for the people responsible for their upbringing ?

haddock said...

The boys will have to sit on a naughty step for a year.... for killing a man!
Surely it is the bloody silly judges who need to be rounded up and have some common sense stoned into them.

Not a sheep said...

2 years! 2 f***ing years! It is a joke; not just, or even mainly, from the point of view of punishment but from the point of a deterrent.

laurence said...

Hear, hear! Two years in youth detention for wanton, brutal, motiveless murder - only in the UK. Imagine what would have happened to them in somewhere like Singapore! But then Singapore only has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, so obviously they can't be right about corporal and capital punishment, can they! But we will never get a return to real punishments for thugs until we have a proper government in this country. And that cannot happen now through our corrupted and neutered 'democratic' system. The solution is obvious.
Mr. Hughes.

Anonymous said...

With this sort of stuff, I always ask: What would the Spartans have done?"

Then I know what we should do.

Roger Thornhill said...

The kids have no conscience as they have no concept of consequence.

The ruling perpetuates this, not so much for them, but for others and the wider society.

What should happen here, and as not, is the message "throw stuff/hit/attack people and you are likely to end up inside sans Xbox for decades". This has to be the message.


The Sage of Muswell Hill said...


Apropos of stupidity decked out in a wig and gown, this post by Laban Tall should keep your blood pressure up.

JuliaM said...

At least they got a custodial sentence (of a sort).

This guy didn't even get that for blinding a 95 year old disabled man....

I would hope that the idiot judge who passed that sentence met up with this chap, but then, when would a judge ride public transport with the little people...?

Roger Thornhill said...

I heard about the old chap getting lamped.

I'd suggest the knucklescraper who did it have his throat cut and left to bleed out in the gutter, but it would take some clearing up afterwards.

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