Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seb Coe: running on empty

Via The Englishman, I see that Seb Coe and his merry men dubious business partners are determined to make the Olympics an even more miserable time for everyone than they are already likely to be.
The team organising the London Olympics in 2012 is adopting the most aggressive anticar policy ever applied to a major event in an attempt to deliver a permanent shift in people’s travel habits.

The eight million spectators will be banned from travelling by car and forced to take public transport, walk or cycle. Only a small number of disabled people will be allowed to park anywhere near the car exclusion zones planned for the main venues in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff, and Weymouth and Portland in Dorset.

Even drivers not travelling to the Olympics will be affected by the plan because, for two months around the Games, one lane on several key routes in London will be reserved for 80,000 members of the “Olympic family” – athletes, officials and media. These routes, dubbed “Zil lanes” after the routes reserved for the Soviet Politburo cavalcades in Moscow, are likely to be policed by dozens of cameras and a team of enforcement officers.

The core route will run from Hyde Park Corner, to Parliament Square, along Embankment to Tower Hill, on to The Highway and out to Stratford.

Oh right, so the journos and the politicians can drive, but everyone else has to ram themselves onto public transport, do they?

For fuck's sake, Seb, has you seen the state of the Tube at rush hour? It's all very well forcing people onto public transport, but there just isn't the capacity to take that many.

Take, for instance, my return from 18DS tonight. I chnaged from the Picadilly Line onto the Northern at Lesceister Square at just before 11pm. As I stood on the platform, more and more people crowded in until the entire platform was full and there were people backed all the way up all of the entrances. And the board was still showing 4 minutes until the first train arrived.
In an interview with The Times, Hugh Sumner, the ODA transport director, said: “We have a very aggressive programme to make it the greenest games in modern times. We want to leave both a hard legacy in terms of infrastructure and a living legacy in the way people think about transport and about how they travel to sports and cultural events.”

Yeah? When was the last time that you shifted your fat arse onto a rush hour Tube, you cunt?

This Olympics shit is already looking like it is going to become a fiasco of mammoth proportions, and we've still got five years to go...


Anonymous said...

The commisars tried to push this agenda at the Y2k/dome debacle and the result was nobody turned up! May I suggest a boycott of this arrogant and wasteful charade? Its a fucking pathetic chance for the commisars to have their bank accounts filled with dirty money AND a photo op for all the vain top commisars to show off! I wonder if they are building a soviet style review platform from where they can do a Mao type review?

PS did you know that they are planning to use the EU flag and anthem? BASTARDS!

Anonymous said...

whats the betting that the ecofascist loons will like the idea so much that they'll continue it AFTER the olympics?

the Zil Lanes reserved for the "80,000" smacks of total and utter hypocrisy.

in other words - they dont give a stuff. they just want to get around quicker - while we plebs get stuffed into tube trains.

Roger Thornhill said...

Of course we will see the "grate and the hood" arrive in cars.

This is just a way for the Government to court favours and dole out patronage. Want to see the olympics? Be nice to Tessa otherwise you do not get your pass.

G Brown: "Access all troughs".

Corrupt scumbags!

Anonymous said...

There's a damn quick way of putting the kybosh on this idea, and that is to invoke the NuLabour Holy Cow of TERRORISM.

So, you block off one lane of a road and reserve it exclusively for VIPs, politicians and assorted bigwigs. You police it very well, so ALL the traffic in that lane is guaranteed to be someone Very Important.

What's to stop some terrorist group from surreptitiously spilling some mercapto-ethanol somewhere, then turning up in a gas maintenance van "in response to reports of a smell of gas" and carefully digging a hole in the VIP lane, installing an explosive device with metal detector trigger and timer, and then filling in their hole and going home again.

Nothing but VIPs would use that lane, so whatever drove down it would by definition be a really good target.

This zoning is a really, really stupid move, security-wise, and it speaks volumes that these fools are even suggesting it.

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