Monday, October 01, 2007

Post #3,000: Roundups and brats

The Britblog #137 is up, as is first year anniversary of The Scottish Blogs Roundup. From the latter comes a post on the obscene Bratz dolls (don't click that link unless you really have to), from the improbably-named Anastasia Beaumont-Bott which features some Barbie nostalgia.
Sure Barbie, set unrealistic and superficial standards; glossy blonde hair (I can never get my hair that glossy…), itty bitty waist, glamour model style breasts, but in Barbie’s defence; she was a Dr, a vet, a champion Show jumper and a scientist – so it’s not as if she was stupid! She was a career woman, with brains and ambition. Was there ever politician Barbie? – just wondering…

Actually, Ms Beaumont-Bott has answered her own question: if we just rearrange the sentence slightly, and insert a few words, to form this... [Added words in bold.]
Was there ever politician Barbie? Of course not: she was a career woman, with brains and ambition.

Still, as we know, Ms Beaumont-Bott has political ambitions of her own and she seems to be getting off to a somewhat rocky start, as Shane Greer reveals.
One of the 18DS interns was researching a piece on the sleazy side of politics earlier today and was drawn to a post on Caroline Hunt's blog about the upcoming Conservative Future election.

Anastasia Beaumont-Bott, one of the candidates representing the Conservaive Future 4 Britain group launched her campaign on Facebook by attacking Mark Clarke - the current Chairman of CF - with the words:

"The Conservative Future used to be boiling over with the enthusiasm of young Conservatives, riddled with fresh new ideas and ready to help the party as and when needed. It has gone from being the very core of what Conservatism should be, to a one man show all about slimey personal career boosting."

This paragraph was later changed to remove the vacuous attack. What's most interesting about it though is that Mark Clarke isn't even standing in the upcoming CF elections! You'd think if you were going to go 'negative' you'd, you know... maybe... go negative about somebody standing against you...?

Oh, I don't know; if you think someone's a cunt, why not call them one? Just because someone isn't standing against you is no reason not to remind everyone what a cunt he is. Not that I know any of the protagonists, mind.

Anyway, there is a rather lengthier exposition over at Caroline Hunt's place. It's good to see that Conservative Future is following in the tradition of Tory Party unity that we have all come to know and love. A bright Conservative future awaits them all, I am sure...

Is one of the Bratz dolls called Anastasia, perchance?

UPDATE: your humble Devil has just realised that this is post #3,000 at The Kitchen. That seems like way too many...

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