Friday, October 05, 2007


I watched a bit of QuestionTime tonight and they had a long discussion about the Tory tax cuts. Fuck, but it make me angry; bloody Ming and that fucking little religio-lunatic egg-target, Ruth Kelly, bitching and moaning about how "the sums just don't add up"—I swear, if I hear that phrase one more time from out of a politician's mouth, I am going bludgeon them to death with their own ripped out reproductive organs.

I was almost more annoyed at George Osborne and Ian Hislop. Surely one of them could have stood up, and yelled, "in 2006/07, Gordon Brown spent FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SIX POINT SIX BILLION FUCKING POUNDS—and you are squabbling over whether we can recoup three and a half! It's less than 0.6% of the government's total spend last year! What the fucking shit are you moaning about, you cheap fucking cunts!"

Osborne should have done it, and slapped the bloody statists' argument like it was a ginger stepchild. He didn't.

To add insult to moronic bleating, Ruth Kelly kept whimpering on about how Gordon Brown was prudent and always costed things up, and he was a real man and he was just the best thing since sliced tripe and he didn't promise unfunded tax cuts like what the Tories were... NO! NO! SHUT THE FUCK UP, KELLY!

Your one-eyed fucktrumpet of a leader put us £163 billion in hock last year, not including the ever-mounting scale of the off-balance sheet PFI debts, valued at around £90 billion so far! Shut the fuck up about prudence, you fucking little Gordo-whore.

I wanted just to break through my TV into the studio and shake Osborne: come on you bastard! Most people have no conception of exactly how much of our money is being spent by the state every single year: the figures should have been thrust forward at every possible opportunity.

I will admit that there was one very satisfying moment though, when NuLabour's bullshit over the non-dom figures was exposed. It is most easily explained via Osborne's letter.
Dear Permanent Secretary,

On 30th April 2007, the then Economic Secretary, Ed Balls MP told the House of Commons, "Information is not held on overseas income and gains that do not give rise to a tax liability in the UK."

As the then Paymaster General, Dawn Primarolo MP told the House on 8th March 2007, this is because non-doms are not required to disclose this information: "In general, individuals do not have to inform HMRC of their foreign income or gains unless this is relevant to their UK tax liability."

Last night, the Labour Party distributed a press release which stated: "The Treasury's initial estimate, on best information available, is that just 15,000 current non-domicile residents have foreign income in excess of £62,000."

I am writing to ask you to explain why it is the case that information which the Treasury refused to give to Parliament appears to have been given to the Labour Party. Or, will you confirm that the statement made to Parliament this Spring remains the case.

As I am sure you agree, it is essential that the principle of civil service impartiality is not jeopardised, particularly during this period of speculation about a forthcoming general election.

I would be grateful if you could reply to me with an explanation, by this evening.

Yours sincerely

George Osborne
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Ian Hislop then pointed out that Private Eye had been trying to get hold of this information for about three years and been consistently turned with the same excuse as used to Osborne: that HMRC did not keep this data.

This is, it turns out, obviously a blatant lie and, just for once, Ruth Kelly had to shut her fucking cakehole and take the shit being doled out to her.

It's just a pity that no one in the audience thought to bring some eggs—or preferably a half-brick or two—to throw at the fucking mendacious, hoarse-voiced nutjob.



Mark Wadsworth said...

You are right. Osborne is a waste of space. The Tories are possibly the worst opposition ever. They will "stick to Nulab sepnding plans" apparently, well thanks a fucking lot.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to hear Labour accuse other people of their sums not adding up. I have no idea how valid George Osborne's figures are, but it would have been nice to see him start taking on the government about the way money is spent, not just how much is spent.

Anonymous said...

My TV was nearly broken last night. That QT was excruciating to watch.

I think we're really doomed as a nation when nobody in politics at present will make a stand against government spending. Tories want revenue neutral changes. What good is that? We need spending cuts. Good money over bad is still the order of the day from all parties.

Roger Thornhill said...

I was too busy. However, I might just pass up the chance to watch it via the net...I do not want to damage my laptop!

I suspect Osborne did not want to point all this out because they are no longer interested in true tax cuts, just tax adjustments, tax musical chairs.

I suspect they just want to have THEIR say on who gets a piece of the half a trillion per year.

Tomrat said...

Everyones focus seems to be tax cuts, tax cuts, tax noone more concerned about what amounts to scandalous levels of civil service electioneering and autocratic posturing? "we dont have this information...until it proves useful to let you know it" is essentially what has been said here, its sickening.

As for the tax cuts, there not really tax cuts at all. If the Tory party were truly "courageous" (a dirty word to anyone who has ever watched yes minister/primeminister) they would go department by department with external auditors, make everyone reapply for their bloody jobs and remove the flagrantly useless areas of the civil service from top to bottom; private sector competition should be no problem to our "dedicated" public servants; if their training to run the country isn't up to scratch of that of a major corporation what are we doing giving them the responsibility?

anthonynorth said...

I sometimes get the feeling we're sleepwalking into a One Ideology State. NuLab's capturing of the centre ground, and now Cameron's idea of non-adversarial politics.
This is why the New Tories are not going all out for the Lab throat. It's against their methodology. But to me, it's also against freedom.

the A&E Charge Nurse said...

Wasn't it Marx who said "the oppessed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them" - that's Karl by the way, not Groucho.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Oh for fucks sake its time to get properly political and walk the streets like in Burma.

Our fucking country wont let us do that though will it?

James Higham said...

Think Dizzy has the goods on her today.

Anonymous said...

I really wanted Osborne to get angry and fight back. Hislop seemed to do it well enough when making the Private Eye point - why couldn't we see the same passion from Osborne?!

Ms Robinson said...

There was some beautiful swearing in this piece. Pure Class Mr Devil.

Shug Niggurath said...

I'm beginning to sincerely believe that most people in this country now think that government finances have nothing to do with the line on their payslip that says PAYE

Anonymous said...

''like it was a ginger stepchild.''

Mark M Heenan said...

How much did Labour give to recipients of tax credits over what they were entitled to? more than £1.6 billion. Welsh assembly? costed at 17 million, cost over four times as much. Scottish Parliament? costed at £40 million, actually cost TEN times as much. Olympics: less that £2 billion originally, now likely to cost over £8 billion. And so on, and so on, and so on...

Who's figures don't add up?

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