Monday, October 22, 2007

Personal attacks

There are many thousands—possibly millions—of political blogs out there, but surely one of the most boring bloggers in the entire history of the world must be Paul Burgin (with whom I appeared on 18DS once and he made Recess Monkey look erudite).

It is amusing then, that he has managed to rile one of the blogosphere's more calm and collected writers, Tom Paine of The Last Ditch.
That insufferable, God-bothering little twerp Paul Burgin piously has a go at the Blogfather today for allegedly "making personal attacks" [on the one-eyed Fuehrer of das Schottische Reich] "for electoral gain."

I knew that, to expose him, all I would have to do would be to type "Bullingdon" into the search box on his blog. Bingo. What a hypocrite. Personal attacks are only deplorable if they are on his Leader, it seems.

Quite so. And Burgin's is a pretty sanctimonious post.
If people don't like Gordon Brown then fine, if they don't like his politics then fine, but don't have a go at him for doing his job and try to avoid making personal attacks for electoral gain.

Fuck you, piss-face. That was a personal attack but it wasn't for electoral gain, Paul, it's because you are a stupid, contemptible, tedious, God-bothering, hypocritical fuckwit. And I made that attack because it's my blog and I feel like it.

You tosser.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No Chris, no no no (and the same to you Tom). Paul Wossname is perfectly right: you shouldn't attack Brown. Just look at how upset the poor dear got when Cameron -that heartless bastard- savaged him for bottling out of an early election. The man obviously has feelings and none of us want to see him cry, so stop it. I'm warning you, I'll call the RSPCA if I have to...

Laurence Boyce said...

A stupid, contemptible, tedious, God-bothering, hypocritical fuckwit.

God, I hate your blog so much Devil but, credit where credit’s due, that is a perfect description of Mr Burgin.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, you overgrown Cure-fan goth type. It was fun to appear alongside you the other day on 18DS but I think your comments on Burgin are an OTTP. I have appeared with him before and he's a decent sort. Here in the Labour blogosphere we are more gentlemanly - I mean comradely - and the most fun that happens on my comments are the fake and real Luke Akehurst squabbling. Do stalker blogs by weirdos exist in Tory blog land?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad DK thinks I have some use in society.

Bugger! I forgot, DK doesn't believe in society.



Devil's Kitchen said...

Not a society as defined by politicians, Alex, no.


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