Tuesday, October 02, 2007

NHS: the eighth wonder of the world

As anyone who has avidly followed Polly Toynbee's prognostications knows, the NHS is one of the finest and, most importantly, most efficient health services in the world ever.

As ever, one wonders where she gets her figures from.
After years of the NHS being hosed down with money you would expect that it wouldn't be too bad any more wouldn't you? Funding has reached the European average, so where it just funding that was the problem then it should be producing results of about the European average as well. A new report has come in comparing the health systems of 29 European countries. Guess which one comes a little above the NHS? ... Estonia.

When comparing outcomes the NHS is 17th out of 29 countries, lagging behind all its northern European neighbours. When value or money is taken into account things get even worse with the UK coming out 26th out of 29 - above only Bulgaria, Poland and Latvia. The NHS is structurally unique, and uniquely bad. Like every other experiment in centralised state control it has failed. Money is not the issue, more money has not and will not provide the kinds of outcomes as good as those could the achieved with any other European health care system. Time to change the system.

If only I had a webcam set up: then you guys could see me look sooooooooo surprised at the NHS's poor showing.

No really.


Henry North London said...

Devil . I have worked in the NHS as a doctor and I can tell you that the people littering the place up and taking all the money are not the doctors, not the nurses, not even the auxiliary nurses but the managers, and the assistants in the headquarters who do nothing all day, who pretend to do work whilst booking their next holiday.

My own human resources dept took eight months to give me my contract of employment which it has to be said was out of date and not valid by the time it was presented to me, took five months to type a small meetings transcript up and are a bunch of liars and cannot communicate with payroll when somebody comes back to work.

Is it any wonder then that when the NHS is full of useless people who it has to be said could do not a proper days worth of work in their entire lives that we come in under Estonia.
And yet the doctors and the nurses have to take the flack which is completely wrong.

The plain fact of the matter is that most managers dont know what the fuck to do when they're at work apart from sending round robin emails about something happening next week.

They spend a vast amount of time wading through useless memos and arranging meetings about meetings.

Its an absolute farce, and should you even dare to challenge them they will come down on you like a ton of bricks and pour such resentment on you that you wish you had never bothered contacting them in the first place.

They are the most useless bunch of dunces that the world has produced.

They are my dear fellow, complete and utter Fuckwits when it comes to doing any real work.

Letters From A Tory said...

My god, is that Polly Toynbee admitting that state control isn't always the answer?

I think I'm going to faint.

Roger Thornhill said...

Henry North London - is it possible to get a comparison view from someone who is a private Surgeon, for example , who works both in an NHS hospital and a private hospital to comment on the difference in administration in terms of numbers, attitude, efficiency?

Dr Ray said...

I work in the private sector and NHS. The paperwork and inefficiency in the private sector is almost as bad. This is largely due to government overregulation. For example I have to have a CRB check every 3 years and show my GMC certificate annually even though this information is all on the GMC website. The private sector groups have gone down the road of national branding and central control which has taken away the ability of the local managers to run a tight ship. For example trying to reach the head of radiology at the Nuffield Group (Mike Leach) is like trying to get an audience with the Pope.
They have taken a lean and responsive system and buggered it up.
At uk-radiology (our private radiology service) we got fed up with all of them and set up on our own and, yes, we are efficient and responsive and our patients benefit from cutting out the useless middlemen who get in our way of doing a good job.

Henry North London said...

Dearest Robert

I have worked in the Private sector in a private medium secure unit for the "criminally insane"

There is the same amount of inefficiency and paper chasing because the government at the end of the day still wants the paperchase.

They also screw the NHS of money like you would not believe.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

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