Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Mingery

As usual, Mr Angry's response to Ming's resignation was a little out of the ordinary.
In parts of the media there has been uproar about the possibility of raising the retirement age beyond 65. Yet now, when a 66 year-old man decides it is time to call it a day, it is also considered newsworthy. I wish they would make up their minds.

I am not particularly interested in Sir Menzies Campbell, but find amusing the amount of media attention his resignation has created.

As I watched the drama unfold on Sky news the other evening, I saw party chairman Simon Hughes being asked repeatedly, “Did you wield the knife? DID YOU WIELD THE KNIFE!”

There is nothing quite like sexing-up a boring old resignation, is there?

I would have loved Simon Hughes to have come back out to the baying hordes and said, “Actually no. There were no daggers involved. That would be barbaric. As a forward thinking party we advocate the use of technology, and I feel it is only right to say that once the electrodes were securely fastened to Ming’s testicles, he was more than compliant. In fact, we are hoping that testicle-electrodes will become a core element in our election manifesto. ASBO’s are dead. Long live the testicle-electrode!”

I would almost vote for them if he were to say that. Almost.

Do you know, I don't think that there is enough humour in politics: we need more political wags*...

* As in wits, not as in WAGs who are, I am told, those tedious cunting thick-as-fuck bimbo girlfriends of tedious cunting thick-as-fuck footballers. Or something.

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Alan Douglas said...

Media all over the Ming resignation > What a surprise - no space left for protests about the UK-give-away about to be perpetrated by Brown this week in Lisbon.

Ming is such a good EUropean, even willing to sacrifice hispolitical career in the interets of the EU. Good for him.

But NOT for the rest of us.

Alan Douglas

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