Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ming Campbell: The Greatest Hits

I know I said that the Liberal Democrats were such a bunch of irrelevant cunts that they weren’t commenting on, but I cannot pass up the chance to build on DK’s post about the high octane drama surrounding Ming Campbell’s resignation. So, in tribute to the magnificent political giant that is Ming "The Merciful" Campbell, and to mark the historic occasion of him being forced from power, I offer you his Greatest Achievements – in full, and in detail:

Don’t think I’ve missed anything.

*It is hard to demonstrate sarcasm when you are writing, but I hope I have succeeded here.


anthonynorth said...

You left too much space.

Ian said...

Wouldn't it have been fairer to list what he did _not_ do, for example.

* Shag his secretary
* Get pissed a lot
* Attempt to murder his gay lover
* Lie about his sexuality
* Date the other Cheeky Girl

So, in comparison to his precessors he was a total failure.

Ian said...

precessors = predecessors

Mike Power said...

*It is hard to demonstrate sarcasm when you are writing, but I hope I have succeeded here.

No it isn't and you haven't

I await publication of a list of YOUR achievements, oh hang on, I've just spotted them. They're listed on this page just below this link:


The Nameless One said...

Good point, Mike; my achievements as Liberal Democrat Leader would be exactly the same length as those of ol' Minger Campbell. The only difference is I have never been Liberal Democrat leader, and would never consider joining that party of half-baked, indecisive, wannabe lefty twats. Whereas he spent nearly two years as their leader, and managed to achieve nothing.

Well, nothing positive, anyway. He did manage to drive the poll ratings into the ground.

I find it very interesting that whilst the Lib Dems dithered about getting rid of that drunken sack of shit Kennedy, they did not hesitate to bin the failure Campbell. The epitaph on the political grave of Minger Campbell - "Less Popular, and Less Capable, than the Ginger Drunk."

Face it: Ming Campbell was nothing other than an abject failure.

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