Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Libertarian Fascist paternalism

Apparently, high blood pressure is a bad thing, leading to heart attacks and strokes; and thus it is with mixed feelings that I thank John Trenchard for pointing me to this fucking offensive piece of fucking fuck crap.
A radical plan to persuade people to stop smoking, take more exercise and change their diets was proposed last night by a leading Government adviser.

As new figures were published yesterday showing that England tops the European league as the fattest nation in the EU, Professor Julian Le Grand, chair of Health England and a former senior Downing Street aide to Tony Blair, said a completely fresh approach was required by Government to reverse the epidemic of obesity and to tackle similar ills caused by "excess consumption".

In a speech to the Royal Statistical Society last night, Professor Le Grand said instead of requiring people to make healthy choices – by giving up smoking, taking more exercise and eating less salt – policies should be framed so the healthy option is automatic and people have to choose deliberately to depart from it.

Given how the government and its fascist advisers think, can you guess what is coming next? I bet you can, but you have already dismissed it in your mind. Surely, you are thinking, no one in a liberal society would ever propose such a thing?

Well, you are completely fucking wrong.
Among his suggestions are a proposal for a smoking permit, which smokers would have to produce when buying cigarettes, an "exercise hour" to be provided by all large companies for their employees and a ban on salt in processed food.

What the... I mean... I... ach... gaaaarrrrr... what the fucking fuck-fuck? What the fuck is this shit? A fucking smoking permit? An "exercise hour"? I... I... You fuck, Le Grand; you fuck.

And the big fat lolly stick sticking jauntily from the top of this fresh turd is what this cunt scientist has decided to dub his fascistic ideas.
The idea, dubbed "libertarian paternalism", reverses the traditional government approach that requires individuals to opt in to healthy schemes.

What the fuck is libertarian about forcing people to buy licenses to buy and consume perfectly legal products? What is libertarian about either forcing people to partake in an exercise hour or forcing companies to have one? What the fucking shit is this cunt on?

This is totalitarianism, this is fascism. You are beholden to the state and the state tells you how you should look and live; the state is your lord and master and you must serve your master until you die.
Instead, they would have to opt out to make the unhealthy choice, by buying a smoking permit, choosing not to participate in the exercise hour or adding salt at the table.

By preserving individual choice, the approach could be defended against charges of a "nanny state," he said. "Some people say this is paternalism squared. But at a fundamental level, you are not being made to do anything. It is not like banning something, it is not prohibition. It is a softer form of paternalism."

FUCK YOU, Le Grand. The only question that I need to ask is whether I can buy a license to gun you down and then beat you viciously to death, you fucking fascist cunt.
On smoking, he said permits could be issued annually and the signature of a doctor might even be needed. This would require individuals to "opt-in" each year to being a smoker, rather than "opting out" by choosing to give up.

"Sellers of tobacco from supermarkets to tobacconists would have to see the permit before any sale. To get a permit would involve filling out a form and supplying a photograph as well as paying the required fee. Permits would only be issued to those over 18 and evidence of age would have to be provided. The money raised for the permits would go to the NHS."

You think that I should buy a license to smoke? Is this on top of the vast amounts of tax that I already pay on cigarettes? Well, to quote Withnail and I (one of the finest films ever made), do you know what you can do with your smoking license?

You can stuff it up your arse for nothing, and fuck off while you're doing it.

According to Dr Le Grand, "nothing can work short of a revolution" and in this he is completely correct. Although I am pretty fucking certain that the revolution that I envisage is not the same as his vision.

Amongst other things, mine involves considerably more premature deaths...

UPDATE: Mike Power's take...


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Libertarian paternalism is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Its like the concept does not muster in these pinheads brains.

Anonymous said...

People are starting to realise that IF you allow the state to look after you interests then the state WILL take responsibility AND control! AND the more the state takes then the more it wants! Being responsible for your life is difficult and hard(remember leaving home for the first time?) BUT the reward is that you have control! Its simple, IF you give up responsibility for your life then you give up control! The state has only just begun to flex its paternal muscles, you aint seen nothing yet! Bit by bit the state WILL control your life, your freedom, your free will and your very soul! In the near future YOU will no longer belong to yourself, YOU will belong to the STATE!
That is the very essence of EVIL and its taking over bit by bit!
Organ donation? They want automatic access to your organs dont they? they say its to save lives dont they? They now want you to have to "opt out" of having your organs harvested dont they? WHY? So you have an accident in the near future and you are in a coma BUT your blood/tissue match is a fit for a high commisar! The state wants your organs, does it give a fuck if you might survive? Er no! Do you think that the doctor might protest? well they might BUT with 'doctors like Mr McCann on the increase what do you think? Would you trust them to look out for your interests? I have seen an organ snatch up close and its not fucking pretty! The victim/donor squirms and writhes in apparent agony, they sometimes have to be tied down as they are ripped apart! Look at the new laws about organ donation and pray you never go into an NHS death factory in the near future!
China uses a live organ bank in the form of political prisoners! The falun gong are tissue matched with a commisar or rich buyer THEN the 'doner' is ripped open sometimes while still alive and their organs are looted! Not nice Eh? and it WILL come here SOON! All the legal powers are being prepared while we sit at home watching brain killing soaps Etc!
But dont take my word for it, go out and find out for yourself!

Vindico said...

Fuck me! 'libertarian paternalism'? Uh, how? The only problem that exists is the fact that we have to pay for peoples unhealthy lifestyles through taxes for our beloved NHS. If people had to buy private health insurance and their premiums reflected thier lifestyle choices the I would not be affected by another persons lifestyle choice.

Roger Thornhill said...

I believe they are using the word on purpose. In true Socialist style they are hijacking it and using it to mean the opposite.

In a way it is a good thing, for it suggests they now detect the rumble of Libertarianism in the distance...

Trooper Thompson said...

Roger, I reckon you're right about deliberate hijacking.

What an utter cunt the guy is.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Roger - they ARE hijacking it, in the best tradition of Newspeak.
what's that 1984 slogan?

"Freedom is slavery
War is peace
Ignorance is Strength"

On the plus side - at least it's got the word "libertarian" on the radar. I hope the real libertarians get out there before this bunch of fucking socialists screw up and mangle the word in the public's perception.

Maybe DK should lob an email at the editor of the Independent?

Anonymous said...

"I have seen an organ snatch up close and its not fucking pretty! The victim/donor squirms and writhes in apparent agony, they sometimes have to be tied down as they are ripped apart!" - poobear

Any more details? I am intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Life is incredible isn't it? What about all these people dutifully standing outside pubs to smoke? Whats that all about ? People do just do as they are told - no matter how stupid and pointless..

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Yes, Withnail & I is one of my all time favourite films.

Is it true that a remake is on the way casting a certain Devil as Withnail, Iain Dale as Marwood (I), and Guido as Danny?

(Uncle Monty is Gordon Brown of course, be we can't go there)

Devil's Kitchen said...

Your humble Devil has actually played Withnail, in his first year at university ('96 - '97), in a stage production of Withnail and I...


Roger Thornhill said...

The DT were happy to post my comment on their site in respect of this story.

Anonymous said...

Anybody working in the field of addictions will recognise the disproportionate level of anger that arises whenever access to their preferred substance is curtailed.

Some of the bloggers here exemplify this predictable respones in much the same way that lardy young kids tend to become over excitable when deprived [for too long] from the next bag of crisps or fizzy drink.

It is all too evident that the parents of Britains young fatties are failing [and in increasing numbers] to provide even the most asic dietry advice - despite all the info and repeated warnings about the consquences of such hedonistic choices.

If parents are content to abuse their own chubby off spring it is hardly suprising that they exhibit identical cullenery patterns, except in addition to half eating themselves to death, they add in cancer sticks and booze.

Maybe the pro-smoking lobby feel we need a few more orphans out there, fat ones, obviously ?

I mean why get so upset about something that saves money and might even save your life ?

Of course my mortgage provider would be rather more ambivilant if smoking related diseases where drastically reduced as a direct result of Draconian legislation but in the long run how many of the smokers [as some of them edge into their 40s & 50s] might be thankful that they have been saved from themselves ?

Shug Niggurath said...

@ a&e charge nurse.

Fuck off! What a pile of bollocks you are talking. Life is about choices whether informed or not.

No one disagrees that eating a properly balanced diet, taking exercise and staying off the booze and fags is a way of staying generally well. But it's got fuck all to do with the State what we do to ourselves. And to pull out shite about chubby offspring gives away your natural prejudice - here's the fucking deal, you don't lecture me and I'll not lecture you - OK?


Anonymous said...

Calm down shug - some of my best friends and family are nicotine addicts, and I believe the good Devil has blogged about obseity only very recently [we may not have won the rugby, formula 1 or footy but we do top Europes saggy arse league I'm told].

You are trotting out the romantic libertarian myth about life being a solipsistic bubble - well its not, grow up and accept the fact that virtually all behaviour impacts on children and our family or neighbours.

Next you'll be telling me you should be able to play your stereo at whatever volume you like at any time of the day or night.

Surely all societies are regulated to a greater or lesser extent ?

I can accept that the balance may have shifted too far toward state control but I still find it slightly bizarre that most of the commentators here are not ranting about the insidious nature of nicotine addiction [which is a much more interesting issue] but the ineffectual ramblings of an obscure academic.

Trooper Thompson said...

There's nothing romantic in wanting the government to fuck off out of our lives. You may appreciate being micromanaged by a bunch of do-gooder control freak scum, I do not.

Anonymous said...

yes trooper, of course it would be preferable if the 60million of us could play nicely together on this overcrowded island of ours.

But surely the basic laws of evolution tell us that one group is ALWAYS bound to shaft the other in order to create optimum conditions for gene survival ?

To a certain extent the omnipotent and universal presence of government bears testimony to the simple fact that life [overall] would be even more unbearable without the odd spot of micromanagement.

Clearly the health fascists have upset you but perhaps you might be cheered up by Bob Newharts "mad Walter Raleigh" routine, it never fails to make me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

link for the Newhart piece;

Trooper Thompson said...

Thank you, I remember it.

"the omnipotent and universal presence of government bears testimony to the simple fact that life [overall] would be even more unbearable without the odd spot of micromanagement."

It does nothing of the sort. Just because something is, doesn't mean it's inevitable.

As Thomas Paine said, government is *at best* a necessary evil.

Anonymous said...

Obscure academic eh?

We could call Fabians obscure academics the trouble with that claim is those same academics spawned the very same elite that now infest westminster!
Fabianism ruining our country while we seem oblivious to this evil that stalks our nation.
Three parties sound look and practically are the same..Fabians are expert at infiltration.
Checkout Fabians at the EU also surrounding G.W.BUSH.
From OZ back to the UK this filth have wormed their way in.
Fabians feed from capitalism excrete communism.
Blair chairman of Fabian Society his cabinet in 97 all young Fabians.
Brown and Sarah Fabians.
At any one time at least 200 in westminster.
Research their name why FABIAN!
It all makes sense now whats' going on here.
George Bernard Shaw [Fabian]
1936 Islam i'd like to see rule England nay Europe.
Nothing has been by accident...slow slow slow.
Strike hard when the time is right!
We'd better wake up and bloody quickly!

Anonymous said...

Fist heard 77 mill on farming today radio 4...2008

It is the statistic that dare not speak its name, though eventually it must. It has huge ramifications for the civil and political life of this country, the health of the equity markets and, most immediately, the residential property market. So don't forget you read it here first: the population of the UK is presently somewhere between 77 and 80 million.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

2 brothers 2 sisters..a mum a dad cancer all...no booze or cigarettes.
I am fit healthy and still in work i smoke and take a glass of red wine at night in bed.
I garden and still run around.
I am a vegetarian also and don't give two shit's what the government orders me to do.
My laws are English common laws not some Marxist dogma of PC.
Take no pills and i'm a virtual stranger to my doctor except when we speak politics.
When the big man upstairs calls out my number that will be it.
I can kick and scream in protest promise not to smoke drink or fart out of place but it will serve no purpose whatsoever.
While i'm here i shall do to my body what i want!
I would not want a pigs heart to me the pig has a right to life as well.
Dictators spoilt the lives of everyone were they to listen, Hitler banned smoking, home schooling etc.
My heritage taught me to be free!
Approaching 70 fast and God how i pity this country, and seemingly without courage those left behind.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the scumbag nazi cunts, fuck 'em all!
Take to the streets, march, drag the filthy commie scum out of parliament and do the fucking deed!

Anonymous said...

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