Thursday, October 18, 2007

How carbon dioxide does not relate temperature

There has been a new study done on how CO2 relates to temperature in three periods of the planet's history. And, as Global Warming Politics neatly sums up, it doesn't.
  1. The proxies suggest relatively high carbon dioxide levels during the Late Ordovician glaciations. The Ordovician lasted from 490 - 440 Ma, while the Late Ordovician was one of the coldest times in the last 600 million years of Earth’s history;

  2. The Late Jurassic appears to be colder than first thought; yet again, proxies suggest high atmospheric carbon dioxide at that time. The Jurassic Period lasted from 199 - 145 Ma; and,

  3. The mid-Miocene climate warming occurred simultaneously with a fall in carbon dioxide. This lowering of carbon dioxide is unanimously reflected in all proxies, so the decoupling between carbon dioxide and climate cannot arise from any uncertainties in the reconstructed carbon dioxide levels, or from dating problems. The Miocene Epoch lasted from 23 - 5 Ma.

  1. Finally, the authors conclude that climatic drivers other than carbon dioxide clearly need to be considered. They point out that, in this respect, vegetation-climate feedbacks have been completely disregarded in such long-term climatic studies. Yet, Cenozoic (65 Ma to present) cooling is accompanied by a progressive transition from closed forests to more widespread grasslands and deserts on the continental areas, a change which must have had major impacts on the surface albedo (reflectivity) of the Earth and on the water cycle. [And, note, we are still effectively in a long-term cooling phase].

Will our witless fucking politicians listen? Well, when you consider that the cunts have just awarded a peerage to Sir Nicholas Stern—that treacherous, lying cunt whose Review on climate change was utterly flawed—I don't see any hope, personally.

With that fucking little alarmist arsehole becoming a peer of the realm and the Gobblin' King about to sign away the governing of Britain to the EU elite, it makes your humble Devil almost as depressed as Richard at EU Referendum.


Anonymous said...

This whole AGW/MMGW thing was never about the 'enviroment' its all about control of the masses and social engineering! Keep the masses in fear, give the people something to be afraid of like 'global disaster' then ride to the "rescue" with a whole raft of measures to restrict peoples freedoms! Is it any wonder that the AGW fanatics fear open debate about the real issues? The very last thing the AGW lobby want is open and honest debate because then people would see that their is no global threat! The leftists/socialists/new world order gang have a plan for us and that plan does not include freedom and liberty! Like the "war on terror" the AGW disaster scenario is nothing more than a beard!
And people wonder why the MSM is so compliant with the AGW/MMGW lobby?

Newmania said...

Now I would not admit to listening to the Waterboys .......girls like it

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