Sunday, October 21, 2007

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The Kitchen's own Katy Newton has been having something of an altercation with the cabal of idiots over at Pickled Politics.

The argument centres around the failure of Sunny or any of his buddies to censure this comment.
What do they say about anti semites these days… Its not one who doesnt like Jews, its one who Jews dont like.

The occasional disparagement of your humble Devil (who was not in any way involved with the discussion) by a number of the braindead Lefty tosspots who comment at that vacuous blog and not least by Sunny "Fuckwit" Hundal just adds extra fun.
It’s a bit annoying that you take it further from there and insinuate this blog is turned into some Jewish hate-fest. No doubt DK will come along any minute and imply once again I’m an anti-semite etc etc. He’s itching for it.

Not really, Sunny; I think that you over-rate your importance in my eyes (or, indeed, anyone else's). Plus, of course, there are vast numbers of important people who are not nearly as stupid and uninformed as you are, and I would rather aim my ire at them.

However, I was interested because I thought that the LSE's Fadhil Bakeer Markar and Ziyaad Lunat who would, I am sure, feel wonderfully at home at Pickled Politics...


Newmania said...

I havea suspicion that they like me less, since I gave them the ICM figurs showing that ethnic minorities hated eachother vastly more than the white English hated anyone.

Gotnit form Nick Coens book as well , bit of a find.

Newmania said...

...I quite Sunny though...

Anonymous said...

So S(f)H reckoned that you would be along to comment on his comment. However you stayed put here on this blog and and commented on his comment about your comment in a post?

Gawd, blogging is complicated. I vote we all go for a nice pint and talk about it all.

Although the debate about where to go for a pint (left, right or middle of the river?) might run to several thousand posts, millions of comments and trillians of counter-comment.

On 2nd thoughts, better stay blogging.

Katy Newton said...

A number of them have accused me of accusing them of antisemitism. It is ironic, really, that those on the left, whilst claiming that Jews use accusations of antisemitism to silence their critics, frequently use accusations of accusations of antisemitism to silence their critics. The hope, you see, is that I will be embarrassed into withdrawing my complaint.

The fact is that I don't think any of them are antisemitic as such (apart from the troll whose comment started it all off in the first place, and I'm not afraid to say so). What I think is that people generally have become so used to antisemitism - perhaps as a mark of the lunatic fringe - that they don't bother to jump on it as they would in other cases of racism.

I also think, in this particular case, that a lot of it is down to the fact that I no longer write for PP and am therefore considered by some as a bit of an outsider, especially by writing here - even though I wrote for this site for several months before I resigned, and even though my reason for leaving was pressure of work and lack of time to blog, which is very much borne out by my lack of posting here and indeed on my own site, where it is shamefully intermittent.

Anonymous said...

I has to be explained - what the left-bats propose for Israel could lead to:

A. (In the very best of outcomes) The Israelis are demographically wiped out in their own country and once again have to accept second class status as a minority group living under someone elses laws.

B. (The worst outcome) About 4 million Israeli Jews are annihilated in nuclear fire.

Both the above scenerios are anti-semetic, as in, contrary to jewish interests, especially point B.

Anonymous said...

I must add a qualifier as the above still wont end the little controversy.

I meant: Contrary to reasonable Jewish interests.

(And even then, this isn't going to stop the arguing, I guess I'm a failure)

Anonymous said...

I think that you over-rate your importance in my eyes

Funny that, because a cursory search on here shows lots of posts about me. I'm surprised you haven't written up some sexual fantasy yet... or is that only reserved for Polly Toynbee?

Anonymous said...

A number of them have accused me of accusing them of antisemitism.

Yes Katy, saying that all of us "despise Jews" is not an accusation of anti-semitism by any stretch of the imagination, is it?

as a mark of the lunatic fringe

You're writing on a blog where the main author conjures up sexual fantasies in response to comment pieces, and you're calling us part of the lunatic fringe? That really is amusing.

Incidentally, the last time this fuckwit called me anti-semitic I didn't see you pipe up to defend me since you claim that I'm not anti-semitic... I thought you stuck up for such accusations where you saw them?

You know, frankly I don't really care about that conversation. If you're offended by people on PP you don't have to post on there.

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is that the leftist/socialists would gladly see fellow Europeans(Israel) transfered into a cruel/evil religious dictatorship(a palestinian state) and I suspect the gas chambers! The leftists despise freedom and they despise success and they fear democracy! The state of Israel is a force for enlightenment, her parliament is open and non racialist and the Arab Israelis freely admit that enjoy/have much more freedom and prosperity as Israeli citizens!

Anonymous said...


Having read the thread at Pickled Politics, I just wanted to say I agree with you completely.

Best wishes, and don't let them grind you down.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry that I did not do more to stand up for you. I am glad though that Sunny did not delete Bikhair's comment, as it showed her for what it is.

Devil's Kitchen:

Sunny is right- for someone who regards Sunny as insignificant you sure do talk about him a lot.

Katy Newton said...

Sunny, I did not say that you "despised Jews" nor did I call anyone on that thread antisemitic, although an awful lot of your commenters as well as you tried to put that word into my mouth.

You're a hypocrite of the first order. You and a number of your commenters as good as admit that you don't consider antisemitism to be particularly serious; your stance seems to be that it should just be ignored and that Islamophobia is more prevalent and serious. I'm sorry but that does amount to taking antisemitism less seriously. Sorry if I offended you by pointing it out.

Mr Kitchen can speak for himself but in my opinion he's a fine writer and I was very pleased when he invited me to contribute to this site.

Rachel - thank you very much indeed.

Rumbold - you did speak up for me, and please don't think that I didn't notice or appreciate it, because I really did. I'm only sorry that my attention was too taken up with fuckwits to thank you for it.

Katy Newton said...

PS Sunny, I really wish you would read what I actually said. I didn't call you part of the lunatic fringe. What I said was that people have become used to antisemitism as a mark of the lunatic fringe - that is, that they tend to dismiss it as ranting from loons.

For someone who considers himself fit to chastise me for overreacting and putting words in people's mouths you're very good at doing both yourself.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your kind words. I was not looking for thanks, it was a proper apology. I know that discussion caused you a lot of misery, and so do not want to re-open old wounds, but Sunny is not a hypocrite who fails to take anti-semitism as seriously as Islamophobia. He takes both seriously, but believes that both are overplayed to a certain extent. I think that he underestimated the level of anti-semitism out there, but that does not make him a hypocrite.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Rumbold, Sunny,

There are about 10 articles on this blog, all fairly recent, which are about something that Sunny has written: 3 favourable, 7 not. In all cases, someone has pointed me to them.

Ten posts might seem a lot but, since this blog has over 3,100 posts, it is actually about 0.32%.

Not that important, really.


guido faux said...

So ... you're accusing them of accusing you of accusing them of antisemitism.

Stack overflow.

Roger Thornhill said...

I just noticed PP's strapline

"current affairs for a progressive generation" (no caps).

Anonymous said...

although an awful lot of your commenters as well as you tried to put that word into my mouth.

I'm afraid you're already quite good at this Katy, so there's no point in accusing others of it. You automatically assumed we "despised Jews" for continually bringing up the holocaust and you have the audacity to claim that others put words in your mouth. That's quite pathetic.

your stance seems to be that it should just be ignored and that Islamophobia is more prevalent and serious.

I'm more annoyed by your willingness to understand what I'm saying rather than pointing out something which isn't true. I've already said tackling prejudice of any kind isn't a zero-sum game, where one has to take precedence over others. I've plenty of times (including on CIF) highlighted the anti-semitism of Muslim groups. You've become like those Muslims commenters who keep berating me for not writing enough about IDF incursions. I can't be arsed to engage with such stupidity any longer.

And finally.

Mr Kitchen can speak for himself but in my opinion he's a fine writer and I was very pleased when he invited me to contribute to this site.

Good, you're welcome to stay in this cesspit. But I don't even vaguely take seriously your claim that you tackle racism where you see it. You see what you want to see.

Not that important, really.

DK, I'm not fussed whether you write about me either. There are zero posts I've written about this crappy blog which illustrates its relative importance. No doubt you will continue to throw vitriol at me and by that you join a long line of imbeciles. The BNP and an assortment of religious nuts have been doing it for years so you're small fry.

I've paid far too much attention to this waste of space already.

Katy Newton said...

Banned Bikhair yet?

Thought not. Nice effort shoehorning the Chief Rabbi into yesterday's post, though.

Katy Newton said...

Actually, I've had a bit of time to think about this. Who's hysterical now? I think it's you.

Firstly, the suggestion that I am like commenters who try to tell you what to write is absolute crap. I never have and never would. I complained about an offensive comment that someone else put on your website that was allowed to stand. If you didn't see it in time then that was all you had to say, although the fact that it is still there without serious criticism from you even though you have banned other offensive commenters and deleted their comments tells its own story.

Secondly, if you think that me accusing you of not taking antisemitism as seriously as other forms of racism is more offensive than the antisemitic comment on your page that started this, that rather indicates that... er... you don't take antisemitism as seriously as other forms of racism.

If "progressive" means that complaining about antisemitism is more offensive than the antisemitism that provoked the complaint, I'll stay here in the cesspit, thanks.

Katy Newton said...

Since I know, Sunny, that you are reading this regardless of whether you comment on it or not, permit me to congratulate you on your consistency. I speak, of course, of the way in which, having castigated me for "falsely" accusing you of failing to take antisemitism seriously, you have just falsely accused Mr Kitchen of "cheerleading for mass internment"... and then closed the thread upon which he was running rings around you and your commenters.

Another blow for free speech, consistent ethics and intellectual debate!

guido faux said...

Katy - well done for making them squirm! And nice one DK for using your satanic powers of reason to force an embarrassing thread closure ...

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