Friday, October 19, 2007

The Gobblin' King's signs away our country

The Gobblin' King has agreed the Reform Treaty EU Constitution and now begins the end of the UK as an independent country.
"The red lines have been secured. The British national interest has been protected," Mr Brown said.

He said Britain can still set its own policies on justice, home and foreign affairs, as well as security.

Wow—isn't that just fucking dandy! Well done, Gordon!

You mean that Britain will be allowed to set its own policies on justice, home and foreign affairs and security? Well, that's just fantastic! Just think, before we joined this wonderful European Union, we were only allowed to set ANY FUCKING POLICY IN ANY FUCKING AREA WE FUCKING WELL WANTED TO, YOU TRAITOR CUNT POLITICOS.

Every single politician, civil servant, politico-wonk cunt and EU-loving media shitball since 1970 should be hanged for the traitorous betrayal of both the Crown and the British people, you lying corrupt bunch of fucking shits. I hate and loathe you all so very, very much.

And I hate these fuckers who pretend that we can be part of the EU without the integration: they are lying cunts too, as Vindico points out.
The EU is based on three little words which sit in every treaty: "ever closer union". There is no half-way house, no middle point, no Europe of nations. There is but a single end goal - a United States of Europe. The ECJ has to find in favour of ever closer union, since these words are in the treaties, and is anybody willing to offer odds on how long it will be before one of our precious red lines is overruled by the ECJ? Ever closer union is the religion, it is the end game. The Tories 'In Europe but not ruled by Europe' is absurd in the extreme. One cannot be half pregnant. The only question is In or Out?

Quite. And now, just to ram home the fucking point of what has been done here, here's a nice piece of future history from EU Referendum.
There is still some argument about the precise date on which it happened. Some assert that it was 18 October 2007, when prime minister Brown (see archive photograph, left – believed to be taken about that time) agreed in principle to what became known as the "Lisbon Treaty" – once the pretence that it was a "reform" treaty was no longer necessary.

Others suggest that it was the following day, when Brown initialled the communiqué giving his assent to the treaty, following down the path set for him on 18 June 2007 when his predecessor, Mr Tony Blair, agreed on the "mandate" which led to the treaty.

Some declare that it was on the day in December when Brown formally signed the new treaty and still others maintain that it took effect from the day when the amendment to the European Communities Act was given Royal Assent, placing the treaty formally on the statute book of the United Kingdom and thus embedding it as part of its constitution.

But, to a man – and the occasional woman – all agree that, whatever day it was, it was the last time the once-proud nation which called itself the United Kingdom had its own independent government. Mr Brown was the last prime minister of the last British government.

It is time for the libertarian revolution to start...


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Never mind the Libertarian Revolution - good old fashioned Democracy would be welcome in this. Oh, and honesty and integrity.

I find myself imagining nasty deaths for Captain Queeg (aka Gordon Brown)and enjoying watching them.

He has ratted us out. I have nothing but contempt for the slimy git.

Anonymous said...

Can some one please tell me why all politicians want the EU. Do they not realise that because we have a lot more people for the size of the country that land costs more than the rest of Europe and that we have higher mortgage prices with the same interest rate as the rest of the EU then a very small interest rate for the rest of the EU would create a housing crisis for us.

That is right isn't it? Surely if we owe more money than other Countries in the EU we would be more exposed to interest rate rises so it would be very damaging for us to join the EU for this reason.

And seriously do any of you know why politicians are so interested in joining the EU. Some people say it is because of kick backs, but that would be fucking wankerish because that would fuck the whole Country for about 0.000000000001 percent of the Country and then probably fuck up their own children's lifes up as well.

Some people reckon that they are all demons or demon possessed and some believe that they are all aliens (david icke).

So why is it? Do any of you know why? It is really stupid and will ruin the country to the point that about 10 percent of people (people with little children) will lose their homes and most of the pensioner will lose their pensions.

You do all realise that, are pension system will become merged don't you. That we will have to adopt the EU pension system and probably lose any private pension benefits eventually.

I know most of you know this but what I want to know is why ALL politicians want the EU even the ones who are so called sceptics either do nothing or make twats out of themselves.

Old BE said...

Err, Anon, we are already in the EU.

Can we leave now?

Shug Niggurath said...

I know there's a tendency in the blogosphere to repeat and all nod in agreement of posts made.

We are after all craturs of habit and like to see our own views reflected.

But anyway, the reason fuckin politicos are into the OORopean project is that they see themselves as in the ruling class. That's all, there's nothing more than self-absorbed, self interest.

I'm in Scotland, the bonnie one apparently, where even the nationalist party wants to break up the UK only to surrender at the tit of Egalite. And people voted for them.

Perhaps the real fucking problem is that the OORophiles have got it right, most people don't give a fuck what their nationality is, because life is still going to be fucking utter shite.

I feel like the scum in the Holy Grail right now - 'supreme executive power is a mandate from the masses' - where's this pricks mandate? He's not only not got one, he never asked.

One-eyed, two-faced, biscuit ersed ham shank that he is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your answer. And I know that we are already in the EU but we do not have the single european currency and also the a single monetary policy yet, that is what I was talking about.

I agree that the politicians want to be the ruling class but I think that they do not realise that they will probably lose power if we join the EU. In short it will affect them as much as us and as they a supposed to be more intelligent than us should they not appreciate that.

In regards to can we leave the EU now, we can do anything we want as long as we get some one to lead it and get the support of the mass populas. Alhough it could be bloody like any revolution. Saying that not many people across Europe like the EU, so it may be possible.

You are also correct that the future is going to be shit. The economy is fueled by debt and needs to transfer that debt liquidity with an increase in liquidity through reducing tax and especially for the less affluent.

I have been trying to explain this to various politicians but have had difficulty, although my work has received praise from a lot of think tanks. The shadow chancellor of the exchequer is looking at some of my work at the moment in relation to income tax reform but I don't think that he will go with it, but it is worth a try.

Roger Thornhill said...

The Ruling Class will not "lose power" but will be able to swim in a bigger and bigger pond and get access to a deeper and more regularly filled trough without a slightest chance of their access being questioned or denied.

This is why they want it.

The bribe to the local councils is the whole regionalisation scam - a promise for them of bigger ponds and deeper troughs and less true accountability.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I can see the point that you are trying to make. But these people have a habit to fucking each other over as well as us. In time even they will get fucked and they will be dominated by even smaller numbers themselves.

Also there seems to be a lot of talent here and people that want to do something about it so why isn't anything happening if so many people don't like what is going on.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Cos the bloody laws here dont let you protest without you informing the police a week beforehand

Its worse than Burma

Now where did I leave that bow and arrow?

We should all march on Parliament( oh Hold on that means we'd be held under the terrorist act)

Nice huh?

No liberties to do anything apart from blogging about it

Anonymous said...

The economy is in real trouble without the EU and it is due to the current economic perspectives.

Currently there is not much in the way of new economics thought. But I found this new macro economist and his work at which is original. read the morganist see saw model, it is a basic version of the ISLM model you migh tfind it interesting it is easy to read.


Has any-one read the un declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples?it really is time to get our opposition together , and the afore-mentioned declaration,is an unblemished weapon, with out taint of racism, xenophobia,or nazism, which is usually levelled at any opposition to the brussels tyranny,read it , and let us go get them!

John Trenchard said...

"10/19/2007 04:51:00 PM"
anonymous - google for "Common Purpose"

there's your answer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you john trenchard i will look into that.

Anonymous said...

I checked out that common purpose organisation. Are you saying that this organisation is brainwashing our leaders into being complete twats.

Possibly true the intro was a bit new labor. Kind of we will; energise, revitalise, extend your perspective crap. In other words they don't know what they are talking about and want you to give them lots of money for confusing peope.

John Trenchard said...

yes , thats about the gist of it.
its all about "leading beyond authority" i.e. leading where you DONT have any authority to lead.

in other words , leading without any democratic mandate.

its preparing the groundwork for the EU superstate.

John Trenchard said...


check out this video of a presentation by Brian Gerrish on "Common Purpose".

make of it what you will. i'm loathe to believe in conspiracy theories, but i blogged more about it
over here

Newmania said...

If you watched Millipede in front of the scrutiny commitee you knew he was lying . It was when he got stuck that he suddenly became offended about a passing ironic reference to "Peace In Our Time "

A toss pot he surely is

Anonymous said...

HA, HA, HA :) Hilarious.

God, what am I saying. This is a nightmare.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

'ever closer union'

Seen this?

Germany, meanwhile, saw traffic chaos on Thursday after a strike by train drivers hit heavily-used commuter trains in some of the country's largest cities including Munich and Frankfurt. (BBC Have Your Say, suddenly Europeanised)

Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip. I smell a Broon inspired, hegemonic propaganda exercise and softening up process to promote integration of the EU Superstate. Well, get stuffed, you B*******s.

We must remain alert to this propaganda or...

We'll be wearing pink pyjamas when they come
We'll be wearing pink pyjamas when they come
We'll be wearing pink pyjamas
God they're really gonna harm us
We'll be wearing pink pyjamas when they come (wolf whistle)

Singing TI-Yi-Yippee-Yippe-Aye
Singing TI-Yi-Yippee-Yippe-Aye
Sing TI-Yi-Yippee
TI-Yi-Yippee-Yippe....OR ELSE!

They'll be riding four black horses when they come
They'll be riding four black horses when they come.
They'll be riding four black horses
Like apocalyptic forces
There'll be no horses for courses when they come

Singing TI-Yi-Yippee-Yippe-Aye &c

They be microchip implanting when they come
They be microchip implanting when they come
They be microchip implanting
While Broon's practicing his farting
They be microchip implanting when they come

Singing TI-Yi-Yippee-Yippe-Aye &c

Oh, it aint gonna be funny when they come
They'll be coming for us, honeys, when they come
Oh, it aint gonna be funny
Though they'll dress like Easter Bunnies
They'll eat our brains and money when they come

Auntie Flo'

Trixy said...

I wouldn't take anything Brian Gerrish says too seriously..he's not a nice man, from my experience.

I had to sit in the press conference in Lisbon listening to Gordon Brown lie to the journos and even worse was listen to the staged questions...why let him get away with it?

John Trenchard said...

Here comes the Hitler Youth.
Blears to recruit child army of snoopers

wont be too long before a 12 year old reports you to the State for smoking outside.

AD627 said...

Off-topic, but I would email you if that didn't require me to log-in to my web email account.

Please could you have a go at the statist muppets that have apparently spent 20 years lecturing us, based on no evidence whatsoever? If they can do this with our health, presumably they can do it on the environment too.

John Trenchard said...

trixy -> whilst i would disagree with Gerrish's conclusions, you have to admit that there is an incredible amount of corruption going on.

Just have a perusal of this TheyWorkForYou search

And the head of Common Purpose had a job in Prescotts ODPM.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

His Grace shares your concerns completely, though he wouldn't quite express them in the same manner...

The problem is that everyone is persuaded that the project is political. It is not. It is meta-political because it is spiritual. It is about resurrecting a concept of European 'consciousness', as Giscard D'Estaing has recently revealed, and this is nothing but a revived Christendom, yet the Church is supplanted by an utterly Godless and pathologically secular entity which is antithetical to everything that the UK has cultured and contributed to democracy over the past three centuries.

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