Monday, October 29, 2007

Friends of the Earth EU

Isn't it odd how timing's work out? This morning, I wrote about Friends of the Earth and their piss-poor propaganda animation, The Exxon Files (the site's back up now); however, I have been meaning to write it for about a week.

Anyway, the gist of the post is that Friends of the Earth Europe accept large amounts of money from the EU, which they then use to... well... lobby the EU. Which is, I think that you will agree, absolutely hilarious.

But it gets better!

An email correspondant has received, not half an hour ago, the following email. [Emphasis mine.]
Dear xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx,

We're currently promoting the Worst EU Lobbying Awards of 2007 and thought you might be interested in giving it a mention in your blog! The aim of the awards is to raise awareness of the influence corporations have on the EU. Voting for the awards (which are presented at a ceremony on Dec 4 in Brussels) is currently open until 27 November.

The awards are organised by Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth Europe, LobbyControl and Spinwatch, and expose deceptive, manipulative and unethical lobbying. This year is included a new "Worst Greenwash" category for the company whose advertising is most at odds with the real environmental impacts of its business activities.

Easily digestible and accessible information can be found:

Main public site (for information and voting)
Press release

if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards, Oliver
Oliver Shykles
Corporate Europe Observatory
De Wittenstraat 25
1052 AK Amsterdam

I think that this is fantastic, don't you...?


A Student said...

I wanted to vote for 'Friends of the Earth Europe'. Sadly that is not an option. :(

Anonymous said...

I vote for the FOE as the worst and most corrupt lobbyists! along with greenpeace of course. These two faced leftist bastards keep popping up dont they? I had hoped the fuckers had climbed under their rocks for good after their heroes the USSR disolved, but it looks like they just swapped their SWP/CND T shirts for GP/FOE ones! I mean what better way to destroy Capialism than to attack it this way? BASTARDS!

John Trenchard said...

And Jonathan Porritt, founder of the Green Party, and founder of the green "Forum for the Future" charity/lobby group also gets nice wedge of cash from the government AND the European Union.
Read more here on my blog

In 2005, Mr Porritt's "charity" received £440,000 from local government i.e. council tax payers , £120,000 from central government, and £60,000 from the EU.

In 2004, the EU bunged him £119,000.

John Trenchard said...

oh - and Mr Poritt also has a nice cushy job with... yes you guessed of those EU controlled "regional" agencies.

The "South West of England Development Agency".

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