Monday, October 29, 2007

Friends of the Earth: dodgy cunts

Friends of the Earth have produced an animation—the Exxon files—about lobbying by ExxonMobil in the EU and the EU's lack of transparency. Unfortunately, the original site seems to have been withdrawn at present, but luckily there is a version of the massively one-sided and paranoid animation—sadly produced by Will Flash For Cash, although the script, such as it is, is by FoE—on YouTube.

This is typical Green trash. The script is so one-sided and the characters such utter stereotypes that any serious points get lost in the whole, overwhelming, preachy, unscientific bullshit. There is, in fact, a reasonably serious point being made, that the EU does not reveal which organisations lobby it.

Of course, we do know that not only does FoE lobby the EU, but they are also funded by it.
Friends of the Earth Europe, the group pre-eminent in lobbying the EU for tighter controls to combat global warming, received €635,000 in funding from the EU commission last year.

That, with additional funds from German, Austrian and Dutch ministries of environment, plus contributions from the United Nations Environment Programme, accounted for over fifty percent of the group's income, making it primarily a taxpayer-funded organisation.

The extent of EU and member state funding was revealed yesterday by administrative affairs commissioner Siim Kallas to the EU parliament in Brussels, in a speech on the "European Transparency Initiative", an initiative which is set to require groups to disclose the sources and amount of funds spent on lobbying EU institutions.

The fact that Friends of the Earth Europe receives such a large proportion of its total income from the taxpayer, however, is especially significant. The group forms part of the "civil society" caucus to which the commission pays special attention, as part of its programme to encourage "participative democracy" – its response to the low turn-out for EU parliament elections and the fact that commission members are unelected.

Clearly, the fact that its European group is, in effect, a quasi-governmental organisation—although its member groups solicit donations from the public—gives Friends of the Earth a privileged position in promoting its global warming agenda, and its funding from the United Nations further strengthens its position.

As such, there is a certain degree of hypocrisy in this FoE video because nowhere is it pointed out that PoE themselves are, effectively, paid by the EU in order to lobby... well... the EU.

So, even were I not incensed by their ridiculous and mendacious video script as regards man-made climate change itself, I would still call FoE a bunch of dishonest, hypocritical cunts. But, since they also take this stance on climate change, I shall also add that they are evil bastards.

UPDATE: Climate Skeptic points out the absurdity of linking the level of oil company profits to global warming...

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Anonymous said...

Why call these evil cunts "friends"
when they are in fact the Earths most dangerous foe? I hate them like poison because thats what they are! The FOE have an agenda and it aint got nothing to do with helping the Earth!

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