Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The estimable Wat Tyler has been examining Scotland's fiscal position. His conclusion?
Which compares with its 8% GDP share of the aggregate £31bn UK fiscal deficit, coming in at £2.5bn. So net net, a fully independent Scotland is £2.5bn pa worse off. Or approximately 2.4% of its £106bn pa GDP.

Which means, of course, that the rest of Britain would be a couple of billion better off. Just saying, is all...


Mark Wadsworth said...

The most optimistic calc's by the SNP show a break-even, altho' these are highly flawed.

Depending on how you allocate oil revenues, their theoretical share of national debt and government bungs to their own constituencies, Scotland could be shown to be ahead of the game by about £10 billion a year, or £2,000 per head.

In any event who cares? We'll never fidn out until England leaves the UK (and hence the EU).

anthonynorth said...

Even if Scotland became independent, it wouldn't, really. It would have to be an obedient colony of the EU.
I think a few years of that and the electorate would be lynching the SNP.

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