Sunday, October 14, 2007

Drug Survey

The government are running a consultation, in the form of a survey, on what we should do about drugs. Do go along and fill it in; we'd like the libertarian voice to be heard so it is not all paranoid parents and prudes filling in this crap.

Needless to say, my answers all revolved around the following:
  1. Educate people about the effects and dangers of drugs.

  2. Legalise all drugs. Far more damage is done by the fact that drugs are illegal than is done by the drugs themselves.

  3. Regulate the purity of drugs, so that the more unpleasant side effects, e.g. brick dust mixed with heroin clogging blood vessels and leading to amputation, are eliminated.

  4. Tax drugs to pay for the externalities of those who become addicted or otherwise incapacitated through drug use. This would be a very small number; we know this, because it already is a very small number.

Drugs are fun. But most people grow out of taking them eventually (or take them more rarely). Sure, they can kill you, but then so can crossing the road.

Anyway, go and fill in the survey.


John Trenchard said...

sorry dk. handing over my personal details to the government fills me with dread - it could be yet another ruse to database each and every one of us - and to boot - what we think and what are opinions are.

sorry mate. i can't.

plus - with a ".aspx" extension in the urls , that tells me that its running on the fucking crap Microsoft Windows which is about as secure as a fucking bank vault with its doors wide open and a big fucking sign over it saying "please steal from us"

John Trenchard said...

oh , by the way. i also take a libertarian stance on drugs. legalise the lot.

we've had 40 years or more of complete and utter failure and billions wasted.

it's not rocket science.

John Trenchard said...

one more point. I saw a docu a while ago about British paras on operations in Afghanistan.

Cue scene of British troops walking past immense fields of cannibis. When asked why they weren't destroying them in the "war on drugs" the paratroop leader replied

"well, we don't want to piss off the locals do we?"

Glad to see that some common sense.

When you think about it , what else can the Afghans actually grow out there besides hemp and opium? Why not make it legal, and therefore stop the proceeds of that trade funding the Taliban?

knirirr said...

The privacy disclaimer on that survey is damned cheeky.

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