Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Devil Tarot: 13, 16 & 9

Death is not the most negative card in the pack, and tends to stand for change and rebirth rather than mere cessation of being.

© 2007, Devil's Kitchen.

UPDATE: always representing change, in a bad position The Tower is the worst card in the pack, representing disruption and loss.

The Tower.
© 2007, Devil's Kitchen.

UPDATE 2: The Hermit gains inner wisdom through solitude and contemplation; he is the player of games.

The Hermit.
© 2007, Devil's Kitchen.


Newmania said...

JUst read through alot of your blog DK and its really tremendous . Your views on drugs are silly posturing but otherwise I like it.

Drugs policy , as I may have mentioned means one thing when you are having a quiet spliff with your creme brullee and Hayek and another on the Andover Estate.

You are far to edgy exciting and youthful for my taste on this :).

On Europe it would be a good idea to get the arguements simple and assuming no prior knowledge . I think you would be suprised how many people are still entirely ignorant about what has been going on...well not a coincidence really is it

Anonymous said...

More sodding babies. As we don't have enough of the little fuckers already...

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