Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Convenient Truth

Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, is apparently not as truthful as he would like you to believe. I’m a little disappointed that it hasn’t been banned outright as an educational tool by the judge, but it does amuse me to see that the judge has rejected, in a court of law, nine key points of Gore’s piece of propaganda. It is apparently a "political film" – some might say, with nine crucial points rejected, it is a fictional film, but let’s not get bogged down in the semantics, eh?

I’ve blogged about it before but Gore’s film is just plain bad. Sure, it is well presented, but it is self-serving and factually poor piece of work. Any film that cites scientific facts with the phrase "some friends of mine" to explain where the facts come from should be rejected and criticised regardless of your views on climate change. After all, some of my friends believe that Elvis is still alive, the Moon Landings were faked and JFK was shot by invisible Martians who were trying to take over the world. Put simply, the fact that they are friends does not stop them from talking total arse.

The desperate desire of environmentalists to have climate change taught as scientific fact is alarming to me. As far as I can see they are the same as the Christian Fundamentalists who want creationism taught along side evolution as fact in schools. The beliefs are just the same - not based in scientific fact, and backed by shrill hysterics who will allow no dissent from their theories. Ultimately you can believe what the frig fuck you like, be it in climate change, that God created the world in seven days, or that the world is run by evil lizard people. What you can't do is expect your views to be taught as scientific fact if, well, they're not.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Is this site broken? I can only see this post.

Anonymous said...

The last big greeny to get the upper hand was dear Adolph himself . Doubtless he would have spotted in Old Gorey a kindred spirit

probably made him an honorary SS general !

ah well back to the real world

Clovis Sangrail said...

Very nice post, DK.

I too have friends who believe the moon landings were faked. I always think that they are rather strange: mankind can't get three people to the moon, yet aliens can travel thousands of light years to abduct Elvis.

Anonymous said...

Gore was looking for a bandwagon to jump on, anything to keep him in the public eye.The mans a fool and thinks we are too the times when bullshit like his film work is over thanks to people like you and the internet.

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