Monday, October 29, 2007

Collective punishment

The Israelis have started reducing fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip.
Israeli fuel sanctions against the Hamas-run Gaza Strip punish an entire population and are unacceptable, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said.

He spoke after Israel began reducing petrol and diesel supplies in line with its declaration last month that the Strip is a hostile entity.

Hamas seized control of the Strip in June from its Palestinian rivals Fatah.

The European Union also voiced concern at the Israeli cuts, calling them "collective punishment".

Ok, let's look at this from a purely simplistic point of view: why has Israel started these cuts?
Rockets are fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza into Israel on an almost daily basis. Israel withdrew all its settlements from Gaza in 2005.

Because the Palestinians have been constantly firing rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip. And when we say "Palestinian militants" we mean, in fact, Hamas; the Palestinians elected Hamas and now... well, they got what they voted for.
In a statement read out by a spokesperson, Mr Ban urged Palestinian militants to end indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israel, which he condemned.

But he also stated his belief that the "punitive measures taken by Israel... harm the well-being of the entire population of the Gaza Strip".

Um... Yeah, I think that's rather the point, isn't it? After all, the Palestinian rocket attacks are designed to "harm the well-being of the entire population" of Israel: I would say that Israel is responding in a very restrained manner, personally.
Benita Ferrero-Waldner, EU commissioner for external relations, said on a visit to Jerusalem she was "very concerned" about the Israeli move though she understood Israel's "distress" over rocket attacks.

"I think collective punishment is never a solution," she said.

Tell that to the Palestinian government militants.

Can I point out that the Palestinian rockets are probably bought with UN and EU money? They've been funnelling money to the Palestinian Authority for many years without the faintest idea of how it's being spent. I mean, for fuck's sake, even the PA don't know how it's being spent...


Anonymous said...

Poor old Israel, attacked by some of the most evil and cruel people ever to walk the Earth(funded by the EU/our money) and the leftists attack the real victims! The old saying that if you scratch a leftist you find a fascist underneath is true? I hope and pray that Israel wins through in the end.
The BBC, hate filled anti semites one and all, its what they do(with our money of course)!

John Trenchard said...

ok its Debkafile, so take with a pinch of salt, but i wonder if the fuel cut off is also related in some way to this:
Olmert - Iran has crossed red line for developing a nuclear weapon.It's too late for sanctions

Fuel cut-off = build up a strategic reserve. For the army perhaps?
Or for generators in case the Iranians hit a power plant with a missile?

Thomas Gordon said...

Spot On DK!

Of course the 'voices' that chirp 'we are all Hizbullah now@ from deepest darkest suburbs in the UK were the first ones to scream about who those 'evil' Americans were funding the IRA

It so typical of the socalists-they helped Mugarbe into power and now cry out about how 'evil' he is.

The complain about Saudi Arabia but then marched in support for Saddam.

Evil Cunts=Socalists

John Trenchard said...

And it is those very same socialists, who while out of power, marched on anti-apartheid protests.

And yet IN POWER, welcome that fascist cunt King Abdullah of Saudi with open airs and the full on Royal State visit.

Hypocrites - the fucking lot of them.

KG said...

"I think collective punishment is never a solution," she said."
The problem is, she doesn't think.
Of course it's a solution.Only when the cost to the general population of supporting or ignoring these bastards becomes intolerable will they do something about it themselves.
Starve 'em until they turn on their own like rats on a wounded pack member.
None of the bastards are innocent--replay the video clips of them dancing in the streets on 9/11.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

the Palestinians elected Hamas and now... well, they got what they voted for

I appreciate what you're saying, but strictly speaking, this isn't quite true. A majority of Palestinians voted for Hamas, but many others did not.

The same was true of 1930s Germany. Not everyone voted for the Nazis- many voted for the SPD and KPD- did they get what they voted for?

A similar logic is put forward by Islamists, which I've always (usually successfully) shot down when discussing the events of July 7th with the local Wahabbists. They always make the point that the British public are somehow responsible for Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Teh Evil Jooz(TM) etc., because 'we' voted for the government that implements our foreign and defence policies, yet they always fail to appreciate that something like a mere 22% of the public elected Labour to power- hardly representative of the entire British electorate they hold responsible. More endearing is the argument that a large chunk of the electorate do not indulge in the 'unislamic' practise of voting, running counter to their charge.

Contrary to most people's immediate reactions, I am not the biggest fan of democracy. As a libertarian, I think there are arguments to be put forward to restricting parts of it, as the Americans had the foresight to do by putting their Constitution at the heart of their system.

Anyway, I think I've slightly veered off topic...

The Remittance Man said...

Looking at this from a neutral perspective: The Palestinians' actions can be described as some sort of punishment for Israeli deeds. At the very least rockets cost money, so the Palestinians obviously think the Israelis deserve being on the recieving end of a few for some reason or other (indeed tey have a veritable book full of reasons, but we'll leave that for another discussion).

That being said, the Palestinians are hardly the most highly trained artillerists in the world, and the rockets they use aren't the most accurate. So they lob the things at big targets they have a chance of hitting - towns. Places full of civilians as innocent of the deeds of the Israeli government as Yusuf Pallie is of the Hamas ones.

In other words the rocket firing is just as much collective punishment as the cutting off the supply of diesel - just more deadly.

Now if a dumb assed mining engineer can work that out without too much difficulty wtf is the eu's High Panjandrum of Foreign Relations's problem?

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