Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Cameron Progress Report: D Minus.

David "Hug A Husky" Cameron has rounded off the conference season with an off the cuff speech, rallying the party faithful to fight a general election that, if held today, he would most likely lose. And what a speech it was. Generic, self-serving and leaving the faint aroma of freshly produced chunder in the air afterwards. It was a speech that only appears good when placed next to the turgid, lifeless crap spouted by our dear Prime Minister a week or so earlier.

Cameron's claim that his speech was off the cuff is insulting to the nation's intelligence. Everyone knows he will have spent every spare second in the past few months cramming for that speech. And it is ironic that his attempt to get away from the accusations of spin was a gimmick. Sure, he has cut down on the tree-hugging and sub-Toynbee wank but he still hasn't come up with any real policies, and he has yet to make his case for being the rightful incumbent of Number 10. His sell is still "I'm not Gordon". Undeniably true, but it doesn't make him any less of a total cunt in his own right.

As for the election, I still believe Brown won't call it. He is too afraid of losing the election (unlikely but could happen) and being remembered as the six month Prime Minister. The irony is, of course, the longer he waits the more certain it becomes that he will lose. And he will be remembered as the Prime Minister who didn't have the balls to win.

I despise the pair of them - totally and utterly. Brown more so than Cameron, but I wouldn't piss on either of them if they were on fire.


Falco said...

"I wouldn't piss on either of them if they were on fire."

Not even if it was too late to do any good and just added insult to their last few moments on earth?

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Why piss on them? I'd actually feel like throwing petrol at them if they were on fire.

Would make them go out with a bang.

As you can see Im in a bitter and twisted mood today and with good reason. Read my personal blog Musings and you shall know.

Gordy the one eyed son of a preacherman is such a fake.

Oh the money its going on Incapacity benefit.... plus dont forget the MP's who buy flats in London with public expenses.

Since those flats have to be within a certain distance of westminster you can see that that is where all the money is going.

Yours very bitter and very twisted

Henry North

Sword of Zorro said...

"but he still hasn't come up with any real policies"

A tad unfair I would say! Scrapping the benefit fraud partner issue would be a major vote grabber imo. As would the changes to inheritence tax and the new 'tax' on non-doms. Okay its only a start but Gordon's 'clever' election coming up ploy has meant he had to come out with /some/ policy, but the fact that you and I agree that Cyclops doesn't have the balls to call an election now means that DC /cannot/ give out /all/ of the conservative policies right now.

I think he's done plenty to hold off the election, which as you point out yourself, makes it more likely that we will get rid of Gordon, and that really is the main thing... That man is such a cynical, lying, faking, scumbag shit I really cannot believe it.

Prodicus said...

A tad more than a tad unfair, I'd say. Being the saddo that I am, and a Conservative to boot, I sat through all the major speeches. I got cramp in my right wrist. From writing such a long list of specific new policies. I ended up all policied out. And you've never heard it called that before. DC's job was not to repeat what his rather competent team just spent four days saying. It was to provide the necessary packaging. And if anyone says it was an empty package, they risk allegations of not paying attention ;-)

Roger Thornhill said...

I would not piss on them, but I'd try and put it out...with a shovel (reminds me of a Tracy Emin joke).

Cameron DOES have polices, but they are all deltas on the centrist meme.

Ed said...

He did come up with some sound ideas in his speech but you are correct to think he is not a radical. The problem is, no radical is going to win so you have to take your choice - there is no state-slashing option.

Softly, softly, ...

Unknown said...

Rather than listen to the showman; I actually read his speech word for word. It was mostly waffle, with few true policies and some things that one could almost say contradict himself. It was a calculated speech to address all the major concerns in the hall without making any real policy promises.

Its like a really good looking apple that is quite a bit rotten on the inside.

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