Saturday, October 20, 2007

Batshit: traitor turd

Batshit is busy attempting to defend his lord and master's decision to give away all but the last (temporary) vestiges of Britain's powers by trotting out the old "representative democracy" canard.
David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, claimed that demands for a popular vote are based on "scare stories and myths" and that referendums were the "refuge of dictators and demagogues".

Well, as Nation of Shopkeepers points out, "it was Blair who put one in their manifesto, after all."
"We have a parliamentary democracy. We elect MPs every four of five years, the people elect us to do a job. If they like it they re-elect us if they don’t kick us out," he said.

EU Referendum emphasises that we do not merely elect MPs.
Miliband is, of course, talking about that quaint British tradition of having general elections, but we do more than simply "elect MPs". The essential part of the process is that we elect a government, through the mechanism of electing MPs from one party more than another, who are then able to take the reins of power.

However, it is as well that Miliband failed to mention this part of the process as, once his "reform" treaty is in place, we will indeed only be electing MPs. With our central government in Brussels, we will not be able to change that – it does not have to suffer the indignities and inconveniences of things like elections.

Thus, in effect, the next general election will not be the same as those preceding it. It will, in effect, be an electorally mandated reshuffle. The faces at the despatch box may well then be different, but the government will be the same.

But to approach Miliband on his own terms, what he says is demonstrably dodging the issue; let us look at it again.
"We have a parliamentary democracy. We elect MPs every four of five years, the people elect us to do a job. If they like it they re-elect us if they don’t kick us out," he said.

There are a couple of problems with what Miliband claims.

The first is that, with so much of our law made in Brussels, the most that our government—or MPs, as Batshit would have it—can do is to tinker at the edges. Thus, it doesn't really matter which fat-arsed, corrupt cuntwipe we elect, we still get the same rulers (which is more or less the point that EU Referendum was making). But, at least in past times, if we didn't like what a government had done, then we could elect a new lot who could reverse those changes.

And here comes the crucial bit. One of the absolute cornerstones of our representative, Parliamentary democracy is that no government can bind a successor government. This is not the case with EU law: in effect, what this government signs and enacts into law does bind the successor governments (at least until such time as some party has the balls to get us out of this shithole).

Thus, what Batshit claims is irrelevent; it matters not that we don't like the way in which they do their job and kick them out because the way that they do their job now binds the future government: no matter that we did not like what they did, THERE IS NOTHING THAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

On these grounds alone we should have a referendum on every, single EU Treaty ever. Unfortunately, this Reform Treaty is self-amending; there will be no more treaties and no more referendums. And, eventually, no more Britain.

Welcome to the brave new world.


Anonymous said...

We elect MPs but they do not think for themselves. They have Whips to tell them what to do and how to vote, otherwise they cannot expect to receive Ministerial appointments or other benefits.

Anonymous said...

It would appear that our sovereignty was sold in 1972, and that all that has followed has been no more than political manoeuvring, tidying up the legal aspects with this constitreaty being the final act in a long term game to produce the European Empire.

Anonymous said...

The follwoing has been posted to David Miliband's website and wil be posted to a number of other blogs.

Dear David Miliband,

Re: the EU Treaty and Harlow's People's Referendum on the Treaty.

In the past you have emphasised the demand for bottom-up rather than top-down approaches to government and PM Brown has promised more open government. Are such promises anything more than meaningless soundbites designed to win votes?

For the report of the parliamentary EU scrutiny committee on the new EU Treaty criticises, among other things, the essential secrecy surrounding the new EU Treaty and the rushed and secretive manner with which it has been drafted.

It is surely scandalous, undemocratic and of huge concern that Britain, government Ministers and government departments were given just 48 hours’ notice of the details in the European Union reform treaty before being asked to agree to it.

The scrutiny committee has asked for clarification of the 'Red Lines' - the treaty opt-outs which the Prime Minister claims make a popular vote unnecessary - and have questioned whether these red lines will be effective.

In addition, the committee has suggested that a requirement for national parliaments to contribute to "the good functioning of the Union" may contradict the Bill of Rights, which protects the UK's Parliament from being placed under legal obligations by any outside body, the MPs said.

They added: "In our view, the imposition of such a legal duty on the Parliament of this country is objectionable as a matter of principle and must be resisted."
Senior Labour MP, Gisela, who helped draft the constitution, has dismissed the "red lines" - the treaty opt-outs which the Prime Minister claims make a popular vote unnecessary - as "red herrings", saying that they were also present in the earlier constitution on which Labour promised a referendum. Ms Stuart stated: "It's a matter of trust and integrity. A referendum was promised. It should be delivered"..."If Labour can't trust the people, why should the people trust Labour?"..."The path adopted by the Government is neither honest not coherent." (BBC news website)

Former Labour government Minister, Tony Benn has said this Treaty will result in the "death of democracy" in our country.

Here in Harlow many of us are so deeply concerned that this Treaty will create a distant, undemocratic and top down EU superstate and so angry at the government's failure to honour it's manifesto pledge to hold a Referendum on this issue of fundamental importance which will have a major influence on all of our lives that we organised a public meeting on this.

The public meeting was attended by people who support a broad spectrum of political parties, all united by our deep concern about this Treaty. Those at the meeting voted unanimously to hold our own People's Referendum on the Treaty.

Harlow's People's Referendum is staffed entirely by local volunteers at no cost to our town or council. We rely on a shoe string budget of voluntary contributions. Volunteers, some of whom are pensioners, pay our own expenses. We volunteers are working our socks off to do give the people of Harlow a say and we are heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response of the people of Harlow.

People and politicians all over our country are calling for a national Referendum.

Why does the Government refuse to listen, Mr Miliband?

Alan Douglas said...

I've just been over to the batshit website, and left a message. As I do not expect them to publish it, may I crave your indulgence (There is a request to keep postings short) :

How bland you make all this sound - the death of Britain.

Is THAT short enough for you, traitor's lackey ?

Alan Douglas

Shug Niggurath said...

They like to tell us that we voted in a referendum on Europe in 75.

Well that may be true, and the counter argument that we were voting on a trade agreement may be equally as true.

But given that it's been 32 years since then, it's fucking well high time the overwhelming majority of the population NOW got a fucking say.

Storm the fucking gates gentlemen

the doctor said...

Twice now I have voted for the Common Market or the EEC , now the only referendum I want is on leaving the EU . That is IF we are ever allowed to have a vote on this now that we are under the heel of the European Oppression .
And now they have a 1.5million strong
(eventually) E.U.SS , this European Gendarmerie Force Commander , Col. Giovanni Truglio , will be at the call of the EU and "Member States" to put down the unwashed masses i.e. US .

Roger Thornhill said...

Miliband is a traitorous liar.

You are absolutely right, DK, if what he says is right re: voting out, then he is implying that a withdrawal from the treaty is fine. He knows it. He is a disingenuous scumbag.

No wonder he wanted this role as F&CO, as by being a surrender monkey/quisling/useful idiot for the EU, he gains huge brownie points for the future. Miliband plays the long game and did not run for the Premiership. No wonder, cos that job becomes less important by the day. Miliband is clearly not content with being the Town Clerk of Britain.

Miliband will be on my list for an edition of "Have They Got Lies For Us"/"Who's Lie is it Anyway?"

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