Monday, October 29, 2007

Antonia Bance is once again demonstrating her stupidity and lack of commitment to free speech.
Freedom of speech doesn’t mean a right to speak

No, Antonia: that is precisely what it means, you fuckwit.

I shan't bother commenting further as there is nothing I can say about this socialist, box-ticking grab-bag of human-minorities that I haven't said already.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Freedom is slavery! War is peace! Ignorance is strength! Unity in diversity!

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Anonymous said...

The Guvnah:

And her brazen reply to Fido;

"... don’t think I ever claimed to be in favour of freedom of speech - I think the right to live in safety is more important."

Who was it who originally said..
"Those who would trade their freedom for a little security shall recieve a flying hoof in the cunt!"

Tristan said...

It depends...

I'd say it means the state has no right to prevent you from saying anything.

However, the owner of the property you are saying the things in has a right to eject you if they don't like what you're saying (or delete your comment or whatever).

So in one, nuanced manner, she is correct, but I don't think that she means it like that...

Anonymous said...

Tristan - that's exactly what I mean. Just cos you have freedom of speech, doesn't mean that you have a right to speak at the Oxford Union.

Lovely to be linked from you, DK - such a high class of commenter you send to my site. As I don't believe anyone except me has a right to freedom of speech on my site, which I've paid for and run, I'm deleting them liberally.

Yours ever, Antonia

Devil's Kitchen said...


Sure, the Oxford Union is a bit like your blog: if you don't like the comments, delete them. Your blog, your rules.

The trouble is that both the Oxford Union and Oxford University are funded, in large part, by the taxpayer -- as are you, Antonia.

In this way, the both of you are arms of the state: arms that did not protest against such speakers as, for instance, the terrorist and murderer, Yasser Arafat.


Anonymous said...

Sorry DK, how is the Oxford Union (a private members' club along the line of the Travellers' or the Carlton) 'funded in large part by the taxpayer'?

Devil's Kitchen said...


And everyone else. Apologies: I did this before and then researched it: you are quite correct.

My apologies. Let's hope that it sticks in my brain this time...


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