Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What is the collective noun for tedious cunts?

The Dude points us to his latest appearance on 18DS; as expected he puts in a decent libertarian free-market case. However, if you want to see an example of a fucking stupid unreconstructed lunatic Labour cunt, may I suggest that you watch the thing and pay attention to this arsehole, Kerry Underwood?

One of the things that he says, when discussing the LibDems' fucking stupid proposals to "hammer the rich", is that £70,000 is the combined household income of a policeman and a teacher. And then the fat, ugly bastard—who, incidentally, has obviously never heard of dentists—said something along the following lines...
"And I don't think that anyone in the country would argue that teachers and the police are overpaid."

Actually, I would. Look at the recent exam results; look at the fact that last year 28,000 children left school with absolutely no qualifications whatso-fucking-ever. Were teachers to be assessed on results, they would be being fined for being too shit: in fact, I look forward to the day when people realise this and insist that teachers pay us for the shoddy fucking job that they do. Fuck them.

And the cocking police? For fuck's sake, they are a total waste of time and money. Obsessed only with pursuing mainly law-abiding people so that they can blame their shoddy fucking performance on "government targets" whilst they completely fail to get to grips with "real" crime, the police have utterly failed to do their job of protecting the citizens of this country from harm. Instead, they spent their time encouraging the state to lock us up without trial for ever longer periods, and pursuing petty vendettas against the very people that they should serve. So fuck them too.

Both policemen and teachers are—whether they want, in their fucking cowardly way, to blame the government or not—a complete waste of money. So yes, they are paid too much and, frankly, they can fuck off.

And I would tell Kerry Underwood to fuck off too, except that all the people who voted against allowing this fucking twerp to get anywhere near parliament have already done it for me.

On related note, your humble Devil was on 18DS the other week, in yet another fucking tedious programme; believe me, it is as exactly boring to participate in as it is to watch.

I am sick to death of being on programmes where everyone is in agreement: it's about as stimulating as being in an A Level class taken by a state school teacher. I am also bored shitless of being on programmes where we discuss things that are not my speciality; how about getting me to talk about whether we should be in the EU or not, guys? I have exciting things like figures, and studies, and some fucking knowledge of the subject. And, fuck, if I have to discuss cocking Iraq, something that I have very little opinion on (bar feeling that it was unprovoked aggression, and thus against libertarian principles) and less knowledge of (notice how I'm not a Milblogger?) one more fucking time...

So, anyway, unless I get an exceptional offer of something vaguely interesting, you may consider that appearance on 18DS to be my last.


Tomrat247 said...

Its a little unfair for someone who never went to a state school to comment on such things; for better or for worse state education at its core has given every child in Britain a chance at a education which most countries would salivate over; the fact that NuLabour and many previous governments have screwed it over in the name of policy and control is one culprit, another being intergenerational dependency on welfare benefits, cretinism on a societal scale and apathy on our part.
The same thing goes with the police; it could be argued that they represent another branch of the armed forces that protect this land. As we have seen with unarmoured cars and infantry, mismanaged funds and devastatingly ill-thought out wars NuLabour has tossed away all credibility it and these services it has micromanaged to oblivion had.
My wife is a teacher in her first year as an NQT (newly qualified status); her boss has cited her as being the person to go to for lesson plans and advice on teaching, she is rapidly becoming the most reliable member of her staff and, though there is a mammoth amount of lawlessness, the kids respect her enough to listen. What's more she loves her job and shrugs off the bad stuff - which is plenty - because of the sucessess. One thing she has seen is a marked disinterest in the children by their own parents; I can think of no better reason to be angry for a child than abandonment. This leads most teachers to be put in the more difficult position of trying to "bring up" the kids - something tat fails every time they leave at 4 in the afternoon and they are being brought up by the peers or, worse, the state.

the A&E Charge Nurse said...

Devil - my 4yr old boy started school last week, like his older sisters, I have no doubt he will flourish in the state education system [the oldest girl having just achieved excellent GCSE 'O' level results].

He will develop [in the main] a reciprocal and rewarding relationship with his teachers - perhaps because school seems a far more welcoming place than it used to be [look at any 70s documentary on classroom racsism or social problems, etc].

Could it be that the poblem is not in fact the teachers ?

I mean what can any individual teacher do when you have 20+ nippers who speak a dozen different languages between them ?

Or what if Dad is a wife beating alcoholic, or Mum is a crackhead ?

Or more likely most of the neighbourhood is simply ground down by poverty, and all the social ills that go with it ?

The average cost of [private] institutional child day care for the under 5's is how much for each child ?

At any rate the collective sum is infinitely more than that paid to a primary school teacher with responsibilty for 20 or so nippers, although if he/she is really lucky one or two of them might speak the odd word of English, or might not be the progency of the local drugs barron.

Then it again it might be the class has an above average quotient of disturbed children because of chronic dysfunction in the family home, or psychological problems arising from autism, ADHD, etc, etc.

And it goes without saying that a percentage of children are being more seriously abused without it yet coming to the attention of social services or the police [not that the police would be very interested if your hypothesis is true].

Ed said...

Have you considered the possibility that teachers and police officers are paid far too little?

If it was a more financially rewarding career perhaps people more to your liking would be attracted?

Ms Robinson said...

I'm with you on programmes where everyone is in agreement Devil: it seems producers have a pre-determined point of view and just want soundbites to reinforce it. As one who grew up with strange and wonderful visitors in the lounge room discussing politics with no holds barred it is utterly fucking pointless.

Roger Thornhill said...

I don't think "teachers" should be well paid. I think GOOD teachers should be. I also think BAD teachers should be fired.

It is hard to agree to pay more to "teachers" when you know that those who are mediocre at best are going to get the same rise. Pay scales and grades? Teachers are professionals, so they should be paid what they are worth.

At the heart of the problem, as so often, is the de facto State monopoly on education and thus on teachers' pay.

Keatonmask said...

Hmm...where teachers are concerned I have to say that is a significant generalisation.

Having been through the state education system I have come to the conclusion that teachers range from incredibly inspiring and intelligent individuals to the kind of pathetic cretins one is likely to find working in the car-park at Luton airport.

The education system is in a pitiful state: crippled by red tape and the employment of some of the most mentally deficient in our society in non-teaching roles.

My Father has been teaching for 30 years and regards the service currently delivered to the nation's children through state schools as utterly embarrassing.

Overpaid? depends on the individual really.

One would like to be able to say the same about the police force, unfortunately I cannot even regard them as human.

When Plod takes a bullet, I shed no tears.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...