Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The unions help NuLabour launder money

Filling in whilst Iain is on holiday, his shoulders creaking with the responsibility of maintaining such a prestigious organ (no, Iain on holiday abroad), is arch-libertarian Shane Greer (with whom I appeared on 18DS tonight). Shane is complaining about the unions receiving money from the government.
Without dropping a beat Gordon has today given a further £2.8m of taxpayers’ money to the unions to top up the Union Modernisation Fund; a fund that has already received £10m of taxpayers’ money. Oh, I almost forgot to mention Labour received almost £17m from unions last year.

But if the unions can afford to give £17m in donations to Labour doesn’t that mean they have more than enough money to pay for ‘modernisation’ without the taxpayers’ help? In fact it looks a lot like they’d even have enough left over to make a hefty donation to the Labour Party (and pay for some placards).

If anyone can explain how the Union Modernisation Fund is anything more than a money laundering operation to turn tax revenue into political donations I will be eternally grateful.

Yes, it looks that way to me. Come to think of it, why the fuck is any of my money going to the damn unions at all? If the unions want to modernise, shouldn't they look to their members for funds?

This is, as Shane says, blatant money laundering; it is allowing the Labour Party to fund itself with taxpayers' money.

Fuck, but they're a bunch of corrupt fucking cunts.


Mark Wadsworth said...

DK, numbers please!

The Goblin King can buy off the union leaders with £2.8 MILLION of Danegeld. The union leaders, who don't give a shit about their members of course, might, might just toe the line and not go on strike and hurt the taxpayer, general public.

Or the Goblin King can tell the trade union leaders to fuck off, and they'll do a Scargill on him and threaten all out mass strikes. Just to preen their massive out-of-touch egos. At which stage the Goblin King caves in and ups the 'public sector' pay increase by another 1%.

Which would cost the taxpayer about £2.8 BILLION a year.

Fuck it, they've got him, and us, over a barrel.

Tomrat247 said...

There was a brilliant episode of the West Wing where Bartlett threatens the union leaders, its member and the owners of the trucking industry with mass drafting into the armed forces if they wouldn't come to a healthy conclusion. Though it was hitting out of left field it seems like quite an interesting idea, if abhorent to the more liberal minded.

The truth is these union assholes are now in the pockets of big government; public sector pay has gone up without any distinguishable merit while people decry big business for the same (and in some cases more ostentatious pay increases and bonuses) without realising that they have EARNED that money.
We should point out this travesty of MSM interpretation more often; public sector pay increases are a good use of money across the coalface (a friends wife is a nurse and is paid WAY too little for her time) but thanks to Labour and its crappy top down initiatives that again seem more like money laundering (I wonder how many top MP's and senior civil servants have interests in companies with PFI contracts and the like?)
I'd add also that this underhand means of spreading a particular political creed - with laundered taxpayers money - is not unlike the Watergate Scandal, just the means by which they are accomplishing the same feats like party discreditation, spying and subversion.

Vindico said...

DK, very very true. Oppossition parties should push Brown on this and say he is back tracking on his promise of transparent and honest government; that he is buying off the unions.
If you have any numbers for the salary packages of Britains union leaders that would be good. I did a post on Polly Toynbees brain crap but could not find any figures anywhere. Would be useful to be able to expose their hypocrisy for having a go at fatcats.

Reactionary Snob said...


I've had a pop at the EU. You may enjoy it.


Sir James Robison said...

Your labels say it all, I think.

Roger Thornhill said...

So, Gordon Brown is now a traitorous, thieving, authoritarian, vote-buying, nose-mining, MONEY LAUNDERING scumbag.

chris said...

As I recall Labour's current level of income is about £25 million (which is equal to it's level of debt). We know that after Labour's last scam got found out all the main parties thought that the solution would be government funding. But with £10 million of there £25 million effectively coming strait out of government coffers who says we don't already have government funded political parties?

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