Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tories don't want to be elected #1: the NHS

What the living fuck are the Tories playing at? They really are not interested in forming a government: that is the only conclusion that I can come to. And as for the fucking "social justice" that they seem to be constantly bleating about these days... well... they seem to have no concept of justice whatsoever.

Look at their latest stupid fucking wheeze...
'NHS should not treat those with unhealthy lifestyles' say Tories

Failing to follow a healthy lifestyle could lead to free NHS treatment being denied under the Tory plans.

What the fucking fuck?
Patients would be handed "NHS Health Miles Cards" allowing them to earn reward points for losing weight, giving up smoking, receiving immunisations or attending regular health screenings.

Like a supermarket loyalty card, the points could be redeemed as discounts on gym membership and fresh fruit and vegetables, or even give priority for other public services - such as jumping the queue for council housing.

Oh yeah? And what crappy piece of IT shit are you going to use to run this system, you cunts?
But heavy smokers, the obese and binge drinkers who were a drain on the NHS could be denied some routine treatments such as hip replacements until they cleaned up their act.

Those who abused the system - by calling an ambulance when a trip to the GP would be sufficient, or telephoning out of hours with needless queries - could also be penalised.

You what? What is this fucking health fascism? And people who call with needless enquiries? How many people die or suffer serious complications because they do not call a GP or A&E? What the hell is going on?
The report calls for a greater emphasis on the "citizen's responsibility" to be healthy and says no one should expect taxpayers to fund their unhealthy lifestyles.

Right, were to begin with this nonsense?

First, these people with "unhealthy lifestyles" are, very often, taxpayers themselves. And since, through NICs, they are forced to pay for their medical care—whether they need it or not—they should be given that care.

Second, you simply cannot force people to pay for medical treatment (which is part of what NICs includes) and then not give them that treatment because they do something that you don't like. Not only is that fascistic in the extreme, but if it was done by a private company—making someone pay for a service that the company did not then provide—it would be called fraud.

If you are not going to provide treatment then let people opt out of the fucking NICs system and get their own private healthcare, you fucking cock. That way they would indeed pay for their unhealthy lifestyle through higher premiums but, as I have pointed out before, those premiums would almost certainly still be lower than their NICs contributions.
Look at it this way: when I was last full-time salary employed, 11% of my salary would have been about £175 per month. This is then also matched by the employer, so the total NICs is £350.

Private health insurance: £50
Private unemployment insurance: £23
Private pension to get the same as a state pension of roughly £5,000 a year, retiring at 65: £100
Total: £173

The health insurance quote above is fully comprehensive and was the highest that I could find (it was one of the very few that actually asked whether I smoked: the biggest factor in price seems to be age. However, I am also getting some more up-to-date quotes).

So, yeah, Dave: if you'll let people opt out of NICs, then I am sure that they would be more than happy to get their own medical insurance. But you aren't going to do that, are you, you fucking little cunt?

Third, whether you consider it a justification or not, smokers contribute many times more, in tobacco taxes, than smoking related-diseases cost the NHS. This is a fact. Further, smokers, by dying younger, also cost less than healthy people in pension costs. And we have a pensions crisis, Dave, remember? Caused by you fucking bastard politicians, by Brown's ACT raid, by the fact that there has never been a NICs fund, and by politicians' cowardly refusal to face up to the unions and reform the unsustainable public sector pension liability.

What the fuck are you Tory tossers playing at? Eh?
And any moves to impose compulsory cards on patients would provoke a backlash from civil liberties groups.

Yes, it fucking would. And the Tories are opposed to ID Cards.

Aren't they?

Although the ID Cards will carry identifier keys to health data; so wouldn't it be convenient if the ID Cards magically became not ID Cards but Health Miles cards instead? That would allow the Tories to stick to their promises to abolish the ID Cards and yet actually maintain their grasp on the power that they would give to the politicians.
The Dorrell report also calls for a consultation on raising the smoking age to 18 and for shops to be stripped of their licences if they sell tobacco and alcohol to minors.

The smoking age is already being raised to 18 (not something that I necessarily have a problem with) and landlords can already lose their licence if they persistently sell alcohol to minors. So, yes, introduce licenses to sell tobacco as well: why not?
It proposes a fully-trained nurse to be made available to every school to offer advice on sexual health - but Tory officials stressed they would not be offering children contraceptives.

Oh for fuck's sake. If children are already sexually active, give them contraceptives so that they don't get pregnant or get VDs, for fuck's sake. I won't bother reiterating the arguments: just go and look at Bookdrunk's place for an endless repetition of the reasons why this is sensible.

In the meantime though, the rest of this proposal merely exposes the Tories as lying, stupid bastards; they talk about responsibilities but they are perfectly happy to renege on the government's covenants.

If you extort money from them to pay for their medical care, then you must treat them; if you don't want to treat certain people then you must allow them to opt out of that extortion and find their own solution. Otherwise you are breaking a contract.

Fuck you, Cameron, you fascist cunt: fuck you right in your big, fat, fucking baby's face.


John Trenchard said...

and here's another "we want to lose the election" headline :

Torys plan to ban plasma screens in new gren reforms

They really seem to be doing their damn best to piss off the "white van man" working class Tory vote.

Devil's Kitchen said...

You have already anticipated my #2 post, John...


John Trenchard said...

i really am staggered with the sheer amount of Tory own goals. and this has been going on for MONTHS now.

Brown must be laughing his head off at their media incompetence. Whether the policy is just a "proposal" or not does not matter a fucking damn - its the HEADLINE that counts.

Anyway - these NHS proposals - what a load of utter fascistic fucking rubbish. Maybe the time has come for a resurrection of the Commonwealthmen. Who knows - maybe the revolution in America can be brought home. It has to happen sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

I suppose if we were the 'conspiracy theorists' that Dave Cameron likes to portray all those of us who think he's a walking disaster, you'd think he was actually in the pay of the Smith Institute - doing all Gordon Brown's dirty work to destroy the Tory party.

Well, good riddance. They're a spineless bunch at the best of times. Perhaps if Steerforth Cameron keeps banging out these policies like breeze blocks, even the Tory faithful (with the ordinary man in the street long since gone) will soon decide it's time to don life-jackets and leap into the darkness in the hope of finding sanctuary somewhere.

Anonymous said...

goes to show that if you are a fuckwit even an eton education still leaves you a fuckwit.I want nulab gone but cams a nob,mings 95%dead who do i vote for?

Mark Wadsworth said...

The Tories have no interest in winning the next election, because, in practice, the economy and everything is going to go tits up, mass job losses, house reposessions etc. They do not want to take the blame for it any more than The Goblin King does. So it's a question of who blinks last.

John Trenchard said...

"So it's a question of who blinks last."

playing games with peoples lives is a very dangerous game that could backfire.

Neal Asher said...

I'm lucky enough to be self-employed so, the moment any government introduces something like this is the moment I stop paying NI. The next step, if I don't just emigrate, is suing the cunts for breach of the contract they made with me the moment they started taking money from me. Really, so much that this government has done has taken me close to the line, actions like this, by whoever is in power, will finally cross it.

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