Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There is no honour in murder

A grandmother, Bachan Athwal, has been jailed for ordering the "honour" killing—or, rather, cold-blooded murder—of her daughter-in-law, Surjit Athwal.
Prosecutors claimed Bachan, who has 16 grandchildren, ordered Surjit's death at a family meeting after finding out she had been having an affair and wanted a divorce.

Bachan, a mother-of-six, vowed a divorce would only take place "over my dead body".

You know what, Bachan?—that wouldn't have been a problem. Had you decided to kill yourself, then that would have been peachy, frankly.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the deal, was it? What you actually meant, you vile piece of filth, was "over her dead body".

I hope that both you and your odious son die in prison.


ERS said...

Nice to see the outrage over this.

Bravo to the witnesses who eventually came forward to testify on Surjit's behalf and to Judge Forrester for handing down these sentences.

Justice is awfully late in coming for poor Surjit, but at least it came.

Unfortunately, if this had happened in Jordan, three penal code articles on the books would've offered leniency to these perpetrators. Sentences there range from three months to two years, averaging just six months.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Anonymous said...

Jailed for ordering a killing? So she didn’t actually do anything other than ask someone to kill someone else? Where’s the crime here? Why she should be in prison for expressing her views, totally immoral as they are?


Devil's Kitchen said...

Is conspiracy to murder not a crime in this country?


Anonymous said...

"Is conspiracy to murder not a crime in this country?"

Not a libertarian one, no. (Unless there's evidence that this elderly woman was attempting to murder the victim herself. As far as I'm aware, that's not the case)


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