Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Running out of energy

Via the excellent Vindico at Curious Snippets From A Cynical Optimist, I find this rather worrying—sorry, fucking terrifying—piece on energy security at The Bruges Group [reproduced in full].
The proposed treaty will give the EU power for the first time over the whole field of energy and Britain’s oil and gas reserves.

The UK’s oil industry produces £5 billion in taxes and has about 265,000 employees. But this could all be threatened by the revived and renamed EU Constitution.

Under the new Article 176a in the Reform Treaty the European Union will take control over energy policy and usage. This will be introduced under Qualified Majority Voting, meaning that Britain will not be able to veto damaging EU laws, nor protect the North Sea reserves.

The implications of this will be enormous. Article 176a reads;
  1. In the context of the establishment and functioning of the internal market and with regard for the need to preserve and improve the environment, Union policy on energy shall aim, in a spirit of solidarity between Member States, to:
    1. ensure the functioning of the energy market;
      (This will hand Brussels the power to decide, where and how the oil and gas are sold)

    2. ensure security of energy supply in the Union, and
      (This could mean that the UK must supply energy to another member-state if they are having problems with their network)

    3. promote energy efficiency and energy saving and the development of new and renewable forms of energy;
      (This will make the debate in Britain about how energy is produced irrelevant because Brussels will be making those decisions)

    4. promote the interconnection of energy networks.
      (This will give the EU a key role as the system guarantor and thus threatening British control over the North Sea reserves)

Brussels will also be able to decide issues relating to the taxation of the reserves without Britain’s Parliament having a say.

EU involvement in this area is especially worrying because the looming and renamed EU Constitution also adds another clause on energy, Article 100(1), which will force Britain to share its reserves in a time of crisis.

After concerns were raised by the oil and gas industry about the implications of Article 100(1) the proposal mentioning energy was removed from the final text of the then EU Constitution. Now, however, by slight-of-hand it has found its way back into the text of the Reform Treaty. In this respect the so-called Reform Treaty will pose more of a threat to Britain’s energy reserves than the original text of the EU Constitution.

Dr Lee Rotherham says;
“Tony Blair told laughed off warnings of the threat in the EU Constitution to North Sea oil and our independent energy supply. But now we see that was just more of the old bluster.

“Huge questions remain in the Constitution as to what we are signing up to. With a shaky Middle East and a pipeline from an unfriendly Russia, we can’t afford any doubt that our energy policy is secure.

“The last thing Britain wants is to share with the EU our oil and their power cuts.”

What the fuck are our politicos playing, for fuck's sake. As Vindico says...
I find this somewhat concerning. Sovereign nations do not hand over control over anything, but particularly not key strategic sectors like energy. Sovereign nations, in fact anybody with half a brain cell, do not give away their Oil!!! When will our rats in posh suits in Westminster drop the pretence that we remain a sovereign nation and admit that we are running head first into a federal United States of Europe????? I'm waiting, fuckmonkeys.

Quite; so what the fucking hell is going on? Energy security has to be the biggest problem facing us today; and not only have our cowardly bastard politicians utterly failed to grasp the nettle with regards to nuclear—the only viable option if you believe all this CO2 wank or, indeed, feel that we should not be reliant on fossil fuels for political reasons—but they are actually proposing to hand over the control of our power resources.

If the EU has ultimate control over our power generation, then it has ultimate power over this country; if nothing else, this clause alone should trigger a referendum. This is a simple coup d'etat in effect, and it should be resisted with all our might.

And where is the fucking Opposition? Well, they seem to equate energy security with usuing no energy at all and so they are wanking on about how they want to turn remove the white lines from roads and switch the fucking streetlamps off at night!

Ram sharpened cockroaches down their urethras and then hang them all: every last man-jack of them—MPs and civil servants—the screaming fucking retard traitors...


Mark Wadsworth said...

Vindico is always worth a visit. Oh yes, and agreed to all that you said. It sort of reminds me of when we gave up control of our fishing grounds ...

Roger Thornhill said...

Seconded re: Vindico.

As for Energy, this has been a fly in the ointment re: Treaty that the MSM refuses to bite down hard on.

Energy, water and food are key triggers for war in this world at this time.

As for the other "red lines", I call "Maginot Lines" for all the good they will do us.

The government are truly trying to cede to the EU. I do not have access to the documents or references, but IIRC neither parliament nor the Crown has the authority to do so.

Henry North London said...

No wonder Norway stayed out of the EU

See how happy its citizens are...

Sorry am feeling very cynical today.

If all these mini referendums by parish councils are held and the government goes against them assuming that they vote against the treaty is the government then in the wrong?

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...