Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prostitution is the funniest thing on earth...

A Woman Of Experience is a most amusing blog—witty, well-written and sarcastically excoriating of idiots. I particularly enjoyed this evisceration of the joys of prostitution espoused in what seems to be an endless stream of books.
People write about sex for all sorts of reasons. To enlighten us about their lifestyle, to get a book deal, to liberate feelings they may need to keep hidden from others, to get a book deal, to inform us about alternative lifestyles, to get a book deal, to make us think that they are getting laid like nobody has any right to, to get a book deal, to advance the cause of women and make a feminist statement (sorry couldn’t resist that somewhat artless reference) and get a book deal.

Do go and read the whole thing.

It also has to be said that Ms Robinson's parody of "PS: As with Girl with a One Trick Book" who "can't write for shit", is immensely amusing (although she pretty much nails it in the first paragraph).
"Sex is the biggest political statement I can make as a woman. That is what radical post-feminism is all about: thinking about cock, begging for cock, bending down having cock pushed into you, lying back sucking cock and looking at cock.

Someone said to me the other day,

“Woman, you are a kind of like a huge shining dildo for the sisterhood.” I guess I am. If that is what it takes to get respect then bring it on.

The thing is that is why guys are drawn to me. It’s not just because I walk around with my bazookas hanging out. No, they respect my position as a woman. Especially when sucking cock. They know that I am using my brain when I do it. And they fucking respect it.

Of course, I doubt that The Girl has noticed Ms Robinson's scorn, as Zoe amplifies her attitude in a Comment Is Free article. One sentence in particular caught my eye...
I think the fact that I am an openly happy sexually active single woman in her early 30s somehow challenges the widely-held convention that all women my age are only having sex in the pursuit of love...

Obviously, I would never presume to say that I know The Girl, because I don't; however, having dipped in and out of her blog for a couple of years, happiness was not the emotion that was ever conveyed to me. What I took from it was a sense of emptiness and loss.

Each to their own, I suppose.

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