Sunday, September 30, 2007

Piss off, Miss Benn

This story about Tony Benn's granddaughter standing for Parliament is just fucking stupid.
The 17-year-old granddaughter of Labour veteran Tony Benn is to contest a seat in the next general election.

A-level student Emily Benn, who turns 18 next month, has been chosen as the party's candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham, in West Sussex.

If elected, she would be the fifth generation from her family to enter Parliament, and the youngest MP ever.

The minimum age at which a person can stand for Parliament was lowered from 21 to 18 last year.

What the fuck? Look, at the age of 30, I am pretty sure that I know what I believe in, but I have undergone a substantial change in the last few years. I was hardly ignorant, but I have learned an awful lot about politics, economics and history which has expanded my understanding; I have picked up figures and the best places to find others. I have raged and I have been corrected; I have entered debate and been educated.

What makes this little shit think that, at 17, she knows fucking anything at all? I didn't. What bunch of lunatics selected her? She hasn't even been to university, or held down a proper job. She has no idea what tax is, or what living on your own is like. In short, she doesn't have a fucking clue what life is like; the last thing that I want is some stupid little schoolgirl telling me what I should be doing with my life when all she has done is to leave school and go straight into a piss-easy, fat-arse job paid for by me.
Asked if her family's experience of Labour politics had put her off, Ms Benn said: "Not at all actually.

"Ever since I have been campaigning, I have absolutely loved every minute of it and, to be honest, it is all I have ever really wanted to do."

Really? Well, we all have to cope with disappointment, love; when I was 17, I wanted to be a fucking doctor. Unfortunately, sitting about on my fat arse whilst the taxpayer supported me was not... Well, actually, I was a student for two years, but you get my drift. As a student, I wasn't paid £60,000 per annum and nor was I responsible for setting the levels of taxpayer extortion.

I hope that she looses humiliatingly. And then she'll cry in public and fuck off to do something worthwhile before, maybe, trying again; in about 20 years' time when she actually has a fraction of a fucking clue what she's talking about.

Piss off, you little shit.


lahgbr said...

Hear, hear!
In fact, the whole ghastly Benn clan should probably sent to Burma as 'human shields' for those courageous monks. See how long the smug bastards would last 'campaigning' against some real fascists!

Prodicus said...

You're absolutely right of course, but don't be too hard on the poor kid.

You know what they say about role models. Look at her family. She probably thinks all grown-ups sit on their arses talking politics all day and all night, and getting paid for it. In her little world, well, that's just how things are. "Everyone does it, dahling! It's just... what one does!". It's probably all she's ever done, in a sweet baby way, all her young life, and now that (hooray!) she's an adult (stop... don't) assumes that it's automatic that she go to that place where all the grown-ups she knows get paid to do the same thing.

Maybe her 'campaigning' has been her first and only introduction to people who do, er, something else with their time. Of course she was fascinated! Must have been like landing on another planet. or a great gap year trip, at least.

I blame the parents.

Now, as for the constituency bosses who selected her... string 'em up. Alongside Blair and Brown who made the unthinkable (18 year old MPs) possible. And we all know why.

dougal said...

Wasn't Charles Kennedy in his very early 20s when he got into Westminster?

And look what happened to him!

No-one should be allowed to stand before the age of 35!

Hugh Miller said...

Even funnier that a family who have stood against privilege are attempting their 5th generation in parliament, are still living off the inherited wealth (a title is easier to give up than a bank book apparently) and have had this child put through one of those politician's children's 'state private' schools, are able to say with a straight face that she's not there because of her family name but on merit...

Anonymous said...

If she is as anti EU as her father she'd get my vote!

Anonymous said...

That should have read;
'As anti EU as her grandfather...'

It's late....

Vindico said...

To be fair, she probably has a darn sight more intelligence/experience than the other stickshits who inhabit the green benches!
Fortunately the seat she is fighting is true blue and so she almost certainly wont get in.

the A&E Charge Nurse said...

Interesting hypothesis Devil, accumulation of life experiences = better politicos ?
I almost choked on my cornflakes reading that one.

I'm all for a few hormonal teenagers becoming MPs, and while we're at it why not throw a few jailbirds and mental defectives into the mix [oh, hang on we did that already with Jeffry "compulsive liar" Archer didn't we ?].

You may think you know something at 30 Devil, but you only think you know.

Remember Johnny in [Mike Leighs] "Naked" when he tormented the night security guard asking him if frogs ever realised that an incipient croak would evolve into Shakespeare, and all the languages of the world ?

Then there was Alexi Sayle wondering if the IRA bombers would still hold the same murderous convictions at 30, 40, and so on - presumably they thought they had a handle on life when they were blowing children up - few of them it seemed had any insight into their own murderous psychopathy [rather like Bliar & the milk snatcher, both of them clinically barking in my humble opinion].

Blognor Regis said...

She hasn't even been to university

A point in her favour I'd say.

Otherwise quite right. Raise the voting age to 30 too!

Devil's Kitchen said...

Rather my point, A&E; I have changed my opinions quite late on, and even now there are still many things that – practically – I am unsure of the best way to approach.

Unfortunately, making policy is about dealing with the practicalities and I sincerely doubt that Ms Benn's youthful idealism will yield anything good.


Chuck Unsworth said...

Is this some sort of Gap Year project for this young lady?

Edwin Hesselthwite said...

Bloody hell DK, isn't this exactly what you rail against?

If her constituency party chooses to select her, and the electorate chooses to vote for her, then she has fulfilled all the necessary criteria for joining the rest of the vermin in The Palace Of Westminster. Age is not the criteria, experience is not the criteria. Being elected is the criteria.

If her constituency are stupid enough to vote for her just because she's Britain's Teddy Kennedy (or should that be Indira Gandhi, I suspect the Bens are more for the statist hard-hand?), then fuck em. Despise her for being a member of a political clan bent on continuing domination, not for her age of all things.

When did you get so conservative?

Roger Thornhill said...

When they are trying to infantilise the entire population, I suppose it makes sense to them.

Anonymous said...

I just find it fascinating that a soi-disant socialist party that claims to be committed to ending hereditary privilege is prepared to put a child forward as a candidate purely because of her family's status and connections.

When ZanuLabour effectively abolished the hereditary principle for the House of Lords, it was meant to be because they were against birth automatically guaranteeing political power.

I note, too, that the self-hating traitor Viscount Stansgate (otherwise known by the proletarised moniker "Tony Benn") is an avowed republican, also because he hates hereditary political power. Apparently, though, like all good Marxists, what's good for thee isn't good for me.

Can we string the whole Benn family up now, please? I'll bring my own rope if you supply the lamp post...

Jackart said...

Fuck that. Is she fit? There's nothing better than a cheeky lefty birds

Anonymous said...

Devil's kitchen, your article displays more idiocy than the majority of the articles posted on the internet. You obviously think very highly of yourself yet as you say, you never seem to have done a damn bit of work in your life, instead you prefer to sit at home bitterly slagging off those more successful than yourself. The fact you need to fill out your inciteful article with 'fucking' 'fat arse' clearly shows your level of maturity and thought. If we're going to raise the voting/standing age to 30 (how democratic) why don't we introduce moronic proof voting so intellectually challenged people such as yourself are not allowed to express an opininion.

Also, roughly 25% of people in this country are aged 25 or under, yet we have no direct representation in Parliament (the youngest MP is 26). Instead we are stuck with people such as David Cameron who pretend to be 'down with the kids' without a clear understanding of issues facing young people today.

We also faced in the media with constant criticism; for example exam results. As we improve and strive to do better all we met with is criticism saying the exams are getting easier and we're all stupid worthless yobs. Here, we actually have a young person doing something remarkable, and very positive! And what reaction do we get? 'Shes too young, doesn't know anything'. Well, frankly, adults 'who know better' have been messing up continually in politics. Perhaps its time to give someone with new ideas a chance. So to use your own words, 'Piss off, you little shit'.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...