Sunday, September 30, 2007

Muppet party policy

The amount of hot air that is emerging from No 10 these days adds weight to the argument for tapping this potent geothermal energy source to decrease our dependency on fossil fuels. Luckily for us Gordon Brown is a non-renewable energy source and we will not have to put up with his guff forever. The latest Brown turd burger comes in the form of 'engaging the public' with citizens' juries on a variety of policies such as health and education.

Even Baldrick and his turnip could come up with something more effective than Brown's pathetic pretence at listening. A citizens' jury is a small group, hand picked by government, that is given a few hours to listen to 'independent' evidence and then make a decision about a complicated area of policy. The flaws in this sham are glaring:

Are the members of the citizens' jury representative of their community? No, they are hand picked by the government departments.

Are the members of the jury expert or educated in the policy area in which they are making decisions? No, they will generally have no proper understanding of the complex policy issues and will be sucked in by the so called 'independent' evidence.

Will the 'evidence' be 'independent'? No, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be spun in that typical government 'independent' manner.

How will the jury make decisions or feedback its opinion? You can guarantee that biased leading questions based on false premises will spin the feedback in the government 'independent' direction.

I could go on, but it is pretty obvious that the citizens' jury is something that even the Chinese communist party would be embarrassed by. It is frankly a fucking disgrace that complex policy is being spun by a hand picked bunch of Labour party friendly halfwits who have no knowledge of the policy area.

Policy should be sculpted with the help of the best and most knowledgeable experts in that policy area, we should not be reading in the most respected scientific journals that Gordon's policy is utter hogwash with no evidence behind it. The NHS consultation promises to be yet another case of the cretins in central government ignoring the best evidence to railroad through yet more destructive reform.

We live in the United Kingdom, not communist fucking China, and we should not have to put up with these brainless cretins wasting our money and fucking this country up. Not only do they have the nerve to lay waste to our public services but they also have the nerve to stick two fingers up to us at the same time, while shouting 'It's what the citizens want'. Fuck off Labour, you truly are a bunch of cunts.


lahgbr said...

Let's face it - we *are* now living in a police state, where a small political 'elite' has taken the reins of power away from parliament, let alone the people, and have been and are still engaged in dismantling everything that's left of the parliamentary democracy that took centuries to achieve in order to implement - by force, if necessary through various 'thought crime' offences, and by blatantly dishonest manipulation of the media and an ignorant and gullible electorate - so that they can force *their* liberal-left dogmatic view of how the world should be onto everyone else. Also in the process, like all totalitarian states - Soviet and Nazi included - the various individuals involved are involved in an endless power struggle to ensure their priority at the feeding trough of power, money and prestige. Meanwhile the dwindling minority of British people who still care about our unique political history and achievements, or have even heard of them or care about them, are reduced to increasing impotence because of the lack of any means to express their objections effectively. We have never been closer to the kind of manipulated totalitarian society Orwell imagined, perhaps with a bit of Huxley thrown in, than now. The question is, what can be done? Historically there have only ever been two approaches: (a) to accept the situation and surrender to the 'inevitable', or even join the enemy side or (b) insurrection. Which will it be, I wonder? Given the mindless state of our popular culture I shouldn't think most people even care about any of this - but I have often thought that if I ever found myself outside the gates of Buckingham Palace with a machine gun, defending the last vestiges of our consitution, I would not hesitate to use it.
Thoughts, anybody?
Mr. Hughes.

the A&E Charge Nurse said...

Come on Dr De'ath get with the programme.

Why shouldn't CJs [citizens juries] be rolled out for other spheres of policy making ?

Think about it - CJs setting interest rates, deciding on what sort of kit the armed forces might need [as well as which oil rich country we should invade next], hell, they might as well as pick Chelski's next manager.

Yes, gobblin king has carefully thought it all through and if the principle works for the legal....... sorry, health system why not for all other social and political problems, eh ?

I suppose the end game will be countless CJs deciding on everything.
But look on the bright side, at least we won't have to put with the likes of Bliar, gobblin king, or chinless old Etonians, they will have long been abolished by the rapacious,and all-knowing CJs.

woman on a raft said...

"What's that you say, Sooty? The citizens juries think elections are a waste of time and money."

squeek squeek squeek squ-squ-squeeeek

"No, Sweep, leave the ballot boxes alone. No, stop that, noo nooo. Oh Sooty, don't oh, don't."

(The ballot boxes are all tipped over and spilt. Sooty has set fire the votes with a wave of his magic wand)

Squ-squ-squeeeky squeek

Whisper whisper

"Well, yes, it is an emergency now. I'll just have to form an coalition government. Honestly, you two.
Wave goodbye to the voters, Sooty and Sweep.
Bye bye boys and girls, bye bye.

mitch said...

not forgetting the £75 quid they got.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...