Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today's big story seems to be on migration, and how dealing with so many languages is putting a strain on police forces. One might almost think that they were doing their job, eh?
A chief constable has said her force needs more staff and resources to cope with the pressures caused by a sudden influx of migrant workers.

Julie Spence of Cambridgeshire Police says a dramatic change in the make-up of the population in the county had meant new challenges for her officers.

For example, in the space of one year, drink-drive figures showed a 17-fold rise in arrests of foreigners.

Introducing an in-depth report into the impact of migration, Mrs Spence said the county had changed dramatically.

Police officers were now dealing with close to 100 languages without having the right skills - a situation which had landed the force with a translation bill of at least £800,000.

The force had also seen rises in some crimes which could be directly associated with migration.

As readers will know, your humble Devil has somewhat conflicting ideas on immigration but I do know hypocrisy when I see it. Trixy reports that David Davies has sent out a comment over the wires...
"The Government estimated that 13,000 people would come from accession countries. At least 700,000 have now arrived.

"Labour's open door approach to immigration failed to consider, let alone cater for, the impact of this influx on housing and public services. Senior officers are now providing damning evidence of the strain Labour's shambolic approach has placed on the police and their ability to fight crime."

Which is, of course, rather interesting; after all, every single Tory MEP voted for enlargement (and unfettered immigration) bar one.

Trixy highlights some particularly egregious examples, including this delightful chap...
Conservative MEP Van Orden spent years getting Bulgaria to be a full member of the EU, yet I doubt he makes those claims at the garden parties on the verdant lawns in Chelmsford.

So why does anyone listen to them and publish their comments? They are hypocritical fuck-heads who should be too ashamed to leave their front doors. Instead, they lie to people who are concerned about immigration and have the gall to take their taxes as wages when they are part of the fucking problem.

Pricks. Big, sweating pricks. They should be hung upside down by their toenails and made to watch coronation street backwards in Flemish for all eternity, unless they have the decency to put their hands up and say "I am a big, fat, hypocritical liar and I apologise for treating you, the voting public, like little bits of poo I find where I want to pitch my tent on a camping site."

Then I might let them come down, as long as they spend the rest of their lives trying to make amends for their actions.



Machiavelli's Understudy said...

I don't see anything hypocritical or 'interesting' in Davies' comments per se- he's merely pointing out that the Government fucked up when it came to centralised planning, as ever.

That Conservative MEPs vote for enlargement doesn't matter. I'd have been 'for' it, anyway, regardless of whether or not the Government could pull its finger out. It just goes to show how incompetent it is at managing something that was likely to be part of a pro-enlargement policy it probably had.

Mark Wadsworth said...
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Mark Wadsworth said...

Having followed the link to your "conflicting ideas" post, I must say, good post, and the two comments sum it all up very nicely, and will be promptly adopted into the MW manifesto.

This ties in nicely with my "third way, Article 7a, free trade, pick'n'choose" approach to the EU (that is racing ahead in my online poll).

Trixy said...

because, MA, when the Tory MEPs voted for enlargement they voted for the free movement of people, which was obviously going to result in mass migration from poorer countries to richer countries.

Our immigration policy has very little to do with the government and an awful lot to do with MEPs who vote for the rights for 450 million people to come live, work and have benefits here.

Jackart said...

Mendacious bollocks, and you know it.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...