Saturday, September 15, 2007

Libertarian UK is back!

For all of those who were wondering where LibertarianUK had disappeared to, the answer is that it fallen victim—along with the rest of my sites—to a freak hardware fault on the server that I was renting.

As LibertarianUK was not a paying site, it was not a priority to recover, but it is now back and is looking neater than it was. I am in the process of trying to recover all of the articles, but if any of you contributors have your articles saved locally, it would be very useful if you could upload them again yourselves.

You will also have to sign up again, so please do feel free to do so.

As usual, if you have problems signing up, please email me at: dk[AT]devilskitchen[DOT]net


Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Excellent news on maintaining some momentum with this, DK.

I'm just wondering, though- and I don't mean to knock your efforts or dismiss the time, sweat, blood and English vino that you've put in to it- should the various libertarian groups in the blogosphere consider pooling their talents and resources to develop a strong, yet natural and fluid, community portal?

I remember last time we brought this subject up, I mentioned about Alex Singleton's site, which was his second attempt at getting a libertarian portal off the ground. Sadly, the site is now defunct and points to his Globalisation Institute website. I can't help but wonder if things could be different if the various libertarian personalities and grassrooters could start a dialogue about building a common community. I know you had difficulty with the last time you launched LUK in trying to get people involved. I just think that perhaps there might be strength in numbers and the attraction of a 'bigger playground'.

The software he was using to power was quite interesting, in that it allowed content to be drive from the ground up, rather than published from the top down- the idea being that the site was semi-autonomous for authors and commenters and required less maintenance than perhaps a normal portal would.

I also wonder if perhaps the focus of a 'libertarian' site might be too narrow? Considering that we share fundamental principles with classical liberals, perhaps there is scope to open up such a community to those individuals and groups? I think the advantage of this is that such an appeal could give space for those in the Conservatives or UKIP space to address the balance of the slightly barking factions in their respective parties and provide a platform to project ideas and discussion reflecting our beliefs.

Just some random airings :)

Simon Clark - Formerly The Cynical Libertarian said...

Glad it's back up, keep up the good work.

But...why a dragon fly (or whatever it is)?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Why a dragonfly? Pffft, no real reason: I like insects and that picture of a dragonfly, about to leap into space and fly away, looked quite cool.

If you want motivation... well... any libertarian government will be a leap of faith to an extent and the dragonfly is about to make one of those.

They are also elegant and quite solitary, but they also look like they mean business.

Will this do?


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