Thursday, September 20, 2007

In the blogosphere a lot of time is spent berating the mercilessly crass wankers who govern us, and rightly so. But sometimes it takes a member of the public who our government pretends to represent to just how utterly shitty people can be to each other. From Sky News we have the story of a drunken pot head who solidly shows why misanthropy is the way forward.

According to the article, an utterly worthless specimen of humanity named Anthony Anderson encoutered a dying disabled woman:

"They spotted Ms Lakinski, and Anderson initially tried to rouse her by kicking the soles of her feet. He then got a bucket of water and threw it over her. The victim never responded and Anderson then urinated over the woman. The act was filmed on mobile phone and Anderson then got a tin of shaving foam and covered her from head to foot before leaving her lying motionless."

That is the sub-human scum approach to first aid - humiliate and piss on the victim. Ms Lakinski last moments on this earth were spent with this piece of shit Anderson abusing her.

This sort of story makes me despair of all humanity - I don't even feel I am part of the same race as this fucking bastard. But rest assured I agree with this:

"The magistrates agreed that their maximum sentencing powers of six months in prison were insufficient and so they transferred the case to crown court."

Too fucking right. I'm not sure what Anderson's punishment should be, but it should be far worse, and far more painful, than 6 months in prison.


EmmaK said...

Even sadder maybe is the comment Anderson made while he was pissing on her: "this is YouTube material"

YouTube has a lot to answer for....making people do offensive things even when there isn't even a camera trained on them.

Vindico said...

"..but it should be far worse, and far more painful, than 6 months in prison"

You mean like 6 months outside prison?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Emma K, how on earth is YouTube MAKING this subhuman bastard do this?

With or without YouTube he'd still be the same worthless scum - don't blame YouTube, blame him surely?

zeno said...

I know this isn't a positive, constructive addition to the debate but sometimes you just have to say it:

I hope that this cockstain, in the short time he spends in prison, gets his front teeth knocked out and then contracts AIDS from sucking all the scabby dicks that get forced into his worthless mouth.

Oh yes, and I hope it's YouTube material too.

Anonymous said...

But will he appear before a Judge with the balls to imprison him for more than six months.
Somehow I doubt it.

Ex-Pat Alfie

EmmaK said...

anonymous...okay you got me, he is a worthless piece of scum with or without the influence of YouTube.

Glad I'm not his mum said...

For reference, here is a photo of the worthless tosser which was published in the Hartlepool Mail.

This is just to avoid this Andrew Anderson being confused with any other Andrew Anderson.

The remarkable thing about the story is that the appears to have some friends. If I were his mother, I would disown him.

Hartlepool Mail 12 September 2007
Outraging decency: Man in court

Word verification: uglyzw
couldn't have put it better.

still glad I'm not his mum said...


Anonymous said...

How about six months of being alternately covered in shaving foam and pissed on.

That should do the trick.

Oh and the only shower allowed is the golden one.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...