Thursday, September 20, 2007

How NuLabour argue

I missed it at the time but, back in January, Doctor Vee wrote a very good assessment of all too many Labour supporters.
This is what usually upsets me most about Labour supporters. All to often their only strongly held conviction is that they support Labour (often re-stated as “At least I’m not a Tory!” or “At least I’m not a Lib Dem!” or “At least I’m not a nationalist!”). Just look at, for instance, Councillor Terry Kelly, or Councillor Bob Piper who was often evasive when it came to actual Labour policy.

For a lot of these people, Labour could probably set up a gulag and they would justify it by saying, “Well the Tories had the Poll Tax.” I mean, just look at what Labour has done over the past decade. Iraq, ID cards, tuition fees, foundation hospitals, all the rest of it. You can bet your house that if a Conservative government had done all this, these same Labour supporters would have gone on a rabid rampage. But because the government that did all this happens to wear a red rosette, it — often literally — gets away with murder.

I wish more Labour supporters would just tell us what their principles actually were (apart from the principle of supporting Labour of course). Because all they ever express is some kind of holier-than-thou “at least I’m not a Tory” nonsense.

Again, this is very much the attitude that Neil Harding takes; not least because he, like Polly, seems to be deeply frustrated that Labour do not support some of his more sensible ideas, e.g. the Citizen's Basic Income.

Still, I am sure that Terry Kelly will not have that sense of frustration for too long; after all, as election agent to new Scottish Labour leader, Wendy Alexander, he must now have some influence over policy, no? Especially as she obviously lacks any kind of judgement whatso-fucking-ever.

Oh, and before anyone accuses your humble Devil of doing something similar, I will happily comment on UKIP policy when the groups have published their reports in a few months' time...

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