Thursday, August 02, 2007

Teachers: shut the fuck up

Having spent some weeks urging doctors to stop telling us how to live our lives and get on with their damn jobs, it seems only fair that I should lay into teachers for not doing the same.
Websites such as YouTube, MSN and should be closed down to prevent the bullying of schoolchildren and staff online, teachers demanded yesterday.

What is the phrase I'm looking for here? Oh yes...


Given the frankly appalling level of education in our schools, I would really recommend that teachers shut their fucking faces and get on with attempting to ensure that every person who leaves school in Britain can actually fucking read because, right now, they are failing miserably.

What pisses me off in a massive way is the arrogance and self-centredness of these silly bastards. You want to shut down private businesses that provide a useful service to millions of people world-wide because a few hundred people are being "cyber-bullied"? How, self-important is that? And how, precisely, do you intend to achieve this aim anyway, you stupid fucking cunts?

If our teachers are this illiberal and dense, it is small wonder that so many of our children are so irretrievably ignorant.
“According to the antibullying network, victims of cyber-bullying can feel even more isolated than those subjected to face-to-face bullying. For such indidviduals, the abuse can be 24 hours, with no sanctuary to hide from endless threats and torment,” she said.

Apart from, of course, not logging onto these sites or switching off the fucking computer. Or, of course, reporting the bullying to the moderators of the websites or, indeed, someone in authority.

So, teachers: shut the fuck up and try—just try—to do your job of teaching. Because, right now, you have absolutely no credit with the general public because you are failing in the job that we pay you to do. Do that right and we may listen to you on other subjects.

But I really wouldn't count on it.


Alex said...

It gets worse:

Exactly how stupid does one need to be to become a teacher these days ?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Er ... shouldn't teachers make a start by doing something about bullying and carrying weapons on school premises?

Actually DO something rather than TALK about what they'd like others to do? Even tho' not in a million years is Youtube going to start this level of censorship.

Sticks and stones and all that.

chris said...

They cannot do anything about bullying in schools (thanks to the 'I know my rights' culture) so they are trying to deflect the blame elsewhere.

Neal Asher said...

Maybe if they did teach them all to read they would spend less time looking at Youtube.

Paul said...

I am, or was, a teacher.

It's not teachers that's the problem, it's the bloody unions.

When I started teaching in the mid 1980s the unions did more or less do what the teachers wanted. This did involve going on strike a lot, admittedly, often for pretty spurious reasons, if you were in the NUT or NASUWT.

However, we've swung full circle. The unions won't call a strike for anything at all, seemingly, or reflect the views of their members any more. They will occasionally raise the issues that bother teachers but won't do anything to force the issue.

They are completely in hock to , and parrot the stupid ideas of, New Labour (this stuff is straight from their playbook).

What teachers actually want (in common with most public sector groups) :

- less pointless bureaucracy
- less moronic target setting distorting everything that goes on
- stop screwing around with the exam system
- management with a clue

but most of all, the absolute #1 priority ....

- give us some workable disciplinary powers to deal with the real problems in school, the appalling behaviour.

Mark, teachers would love to do something about weapons on school premises.

What do you suggest ?

If you physically remove them you'll be accused of assault and enthusiastically prosecuted by plod, assuming you don't get hurt in the process ("children" will use them).

A child who is caught with a weapon suffers no real sanction ; it is incredibly difficult to exclude a child for anything short of killing someone, the Police are not interested unless it is a PC crime or an easy catch (this is why they prosecuted children for abuse but won't prosecute if they half kill each other).

Teachers don't give a flying fuck about Youtube. There is an issue with children putting videos of other children/staff on there, which could be easily dealt with if we had an effective disciplinary system.

Roger Thornhill said...

I too suspect it is the Unions and the LEAs pinning teachers into a corner so even the good ones are hamstrung.

Vindico said...

DK, i blogged this here

Mark Wadsworth said...

Paul, what I suggest is change the rules. Within the confines of the current rules there is probably little that teachers can do.

e.g. schools should be allowed to adopt a policy that pupils get expelled for carrying any sort of weapon (or indeed brandishing a craft knife or pair of compasses in a threatening manner) forthwith and on the spot with no appeal and no backchat.

Other schools may wish to go further and expel pupils for even a minor playground scuffle (but who'd send his children there?).

Other schools may prefer the free and easy, anything goes approach, or even like at my local primary, where Pakistani kids are allowed to hit, bite and humiliate white kids, but if a white kid hits back, his parents get called in for a ticking off. Which is the worst of both worlds. But hopefully my lad won't be going there for much longer...

Paul said...

Mark, if there was some effective disciplinary action that could be taken (doesn't have to be caning, but has to cause personal unpleasantness) much of it would go away. You would be left with a small number of very damaged children who need specialist help (rather than the current large numbers of yobs).

Your sons current school suffers from the ever popular

Paul said...

... sorry .... the ever popular "white on black racism is the only thing that matters" syndrome. Political Correctness thought again ; it is the perceived degree of oppression to the group that "matters" not the actual offence itself.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the manners you demonstrate - you're not really in a position to lecture anyone on behaviour.

According to the National Test results at 11 roughly 80% of children now achieve L4 in Year 6. Level 4 was set as the average attainment of children at the time the National Curriculum and tests were introduced nearly 20 years ago now.

This represents a giant advance in attainment. Albeit doesn't denigh your comment about many leaving school without the required skills.

Your language indicates precisely the problem teachers are up against - a brutalised over individualised society where no respect is shown to anyone or anything. Your attitude is the very cause of the problem about which you are ranting.

Schools are by their nature collective organisations (like the armed forces) and will not function easily in an environment which emphasises individual rights over collective responsibilities. In the end the individual ends up the victim of their own freedom as their education suffers.

Children are not adults QED their status means that adults must protect them - hence the call for limits on websites.

You could of course open a new debate about when people should or should achieve majority - but judging by your manners you aren't there yet.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Dear Anonymous,

1) These arseholes are not demanding that children should not have access to these sites: they are demanding that no one should have access to these sites.

2) These businesses are here to stay and they provide a lot of people with a lot of pleasure. Removing the pleasure of many to protect a few is just bullshit. This is just the sort of unpleasant totalitarian instinct that we expect from teachers.

3) The rest of us adults are not in your school. Can't cope the kids that you have? Give up and go and work in Gap or something.

4) Shut the fuck up, you patronising, despotic tit.


Anonymous said...

fucking cunts! wish i had a gold plated pension and early retirement to look forward too, oh im sorry dont you drain enough of my taxes? you cunts couldnt run a bath

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