Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reported desperation

Iain Dale is reporting that some Mirror hack called Emily Miller tried to infiltrate Conservative Central HQ.
Caroline Spelman had advertised a secretary and received an application from twenty five year old Emily Miller, who claimed to work for a charity called Asha, who were one of her referees. Something on her CV struck an eagle-eyed CCHQ employee as odd and when they did some background checks they found that someone called Emily Miller had had a byline on a Daily Mirror story. CCHQ did a computer check and discovered that her Hotmail account had been accessed from a Daily Mirror computer.

It's all tremendously cloak and dagger and, in general, just wonderfully exciting. Just one small point to make...
This is not the first time and it won't be the last time someone tries to infiltrate a political party, but when it is officially sanctioned by a national newspaper you really do have to ask some questions about the way they think they can do things like this.

Well, yes, it is a dastardly scheme, of course. However, one cannot help comparing the mild hysteria that Iain displays here with the utter lack of response when something similar happened to UKIP.
A clumsy attempt to infiltrate the UK Independence Party has been foiled.

Tom Harper, a journalist on the Sunday Telegraph, used his middle name to try to con the party into thinking he was a supporter, but still kept his real name on his voice mail and forgot to use his fake e-mail address.

Harper asked if he could help as an unpaid intern while claiming that he'd been working on the same terms for the Tory party.

UKIP initially thought he was a Tory plant and played him along by feeding him laughable made up stories, but once they found out that he was a journalist, threw him out.

He was identified within a very short space of time and everyone in the party had been warned about him.

Just how did the Sunday Telegraph think they could get away with it, eh?

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