Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Independent analyses the apparent attempted suicide of Owen Wilson with all the subtlety and sensitivity of Satan himself manning the phones at the Samaritans, seeing what sort of a suicide tally he can run up for shits and giggles.

Of course, it is all very much holier than thou – The Independent can stand in judgement of not only Hollywood, but the media as a whole. They even have the temerity to use the phrase "to get the media vultures to back off". Hmmm. Something doesn’t seem right about their article. What is it, what could it be? Oh, yeah, The Independent is doing a rather wonderful impression of being a media vulture itself.

See, I agree that Hollywood could be an insensitive and dehumanising place to work. But my office can be a dehumanising and insensitive place to work. I think every workplace can be. I make the choice to work here, just as Wilson makes the choice to work in Hollywood. And I appreciate his problems may not be money related, but at £10m a flick, Wilson is far better rewarded for enduring his workplace than I am.

But what really does my head in about this article is best summed up by the final paragraph. In full, it reads:
"What happens to him now is anybody's guess; the answer probably needs to be found by Wilson himself along with his doctors, his family, his friends and his shrink. If he found himself overwhelmed by the relentless and inhumanity of Hollywood, though, the reaction to his hospitalisation is hardly going to reassure him that things will be better from here on out."
Yes, The Independent have the audacity to criticise the speculation surrounding Wilson’s hospitalisation and to note that such Hollywood practices might make his recovery more difficult – having written about 1500 words of frigging speculation! I don’t know what is worse – the complete lack of self-awareness of The Independent, or the fact that their readers allow them to get away with such unthinking shite.

I hope Owen Wilson gets the help he needs. And I hope that somehow someone makes it utterly apparent to every half-baked, pseudo-journalist working for The Independent and their patronising ilk what unremitting shit stains they undeniably are.

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