Monday, August 20, 2007

Helping keep the Africans ignorant

As we all know, and as has been heavily documented at The Kitchen, Britain must have one of the most useless and ineffective education systems in the world.

Last year, for instance, 148,000 pupils failed to get a GCSE grade higher than a D; 28,000—almost 1 in 20—failed to gain a qualification of any kind.

Need one point out that this is a fucking shocking state of affairs? Need one reiterate the fact that our education system is fucking up the lives of our young people; that we are totally fucking destroying the chnaces of many hundreds of thousands of our young people?

Well, apparently, not content with screwing the children of Britain, our government has decided to totally bugger, lubeless, the children of Africa too.
For too long, the centralised, top-down approach to running education has been holding pupils back. Remarkably, the UK government has been interfering in Kenya’s school system, becoming the largest funder of Kenyan primary education.

Wow! We are helping those poor, benighted kiddiewinks and helping Africa on the way to Western-style prosperity! Right? Er, not quite...
The effect has been to force many high-quality indigenous Kenyan schools to close their doors, replaced by lower-quality UK-funded ones. The policy has been a fiasco.

Fuck me, what a surprise! I didn't see that coming, eh? But wait!—could we have done it any better? Er, yes...
Had the UK offered vouchers instead, they would have been able provide funding without undermining the existing school infrastructure.

In fact, had we adopted the kind of system that would vastly improve our own ailing (nearly-dead) education programme, we could have helped. In fact, had we listened to the Cato Institute, then we might have done some good, instead of fucking up the Kenyan children as well as our own.

Now, surely, if there is one good thing that the UN might do, perhaps it should decide which countries are fit to give aid, according to how their own public services score. If that were the case, surely Britain would not have been let anywhere near the African education system.

In fact, our own system would probably score an F (that means "Fail", y'see) and maybe, just maybe, this might have shamed our politicians into sorting out their own disgraceful failure of Britain's young people, rather than throwing taxpayers' money away in helping to perpetuate ignorance in the countries that can least afford it.

For fuck's sake, what a bunch of evil, socialist cunts they are.


Vindico said...

SO FUCKING IRRITATING!!!!! Why do the British government feel we need to intefere? Why do they seem to think we are a model example? Lets sort out our own fucking problems first before 'helping' other countries. Trade not Aid will help them, and they can certainly do without the beenfit of our 'education'. I'm just thankful I had a good education and can reed and rite proply!

The Remittance Man said...

Who says the Kenyan Govt didn't ask for this? One of Mugabe's big mistakes was to spend a fortune on education in the 80's and 90's and all that led to was the rise of an effective opposition.

A population that can count, read and write generally gets wise to state stupidity and then tells everybody about it. Keeping 'em dumb makes life so much easier for a fuckwit government.

guido faux said...

Doesn't much the same thing happen to African farmers when we flood their countries with aid? We put them out of business and increase their dependency on us. Nice.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...