Monday, August 20, 2007

Don't be stupid, Darling!

Alistair Darling: looks like a particularly sinister, kiddie-fiddling version of Buddy Kane, the "real estate king" from American Beauty.

Via Mr Eugenides, who is suitably scornful, Freedom and Whisky was somewhat incensed at something that our new Gobblin' King Yes-man Chancellor said on the radio; in fact, Darling must be going for DK's coveted Total And Utter Fuckwit Of The Week Award.
I just heard my MP on the radio a few minutes ago. He was talking about the Tory noises about tax cuts.

Darling said:
Take £21 billion out of the economy and it's bound to have an effect.

Does the Chancellor really think that the economy consists solely of the state sector?

Seriously, what the fucking crap is going on? Are these avaricious morons really so utterly obtuse that they sincerely believe that removing burdens on business will ensure that there will be less money in the economy? If anything, it will increase economic growth.

This is so fucking stupid on so many levels.
  1. Reducing regulation and red tape, and thus allowing businesses to keep more of their productive cash is not taking money out of the economy.

  2. The public sector is the least productive part of the economy. Each pound that disappears into the Treasury has the spending power equivalent of 30p, because the state is so fucking useless.

  3. Businesses will spend their own money far more efficiently than the state and so, as David says, there will be a net benefit to the economy.

All of these are just different ways of saying the same thing; that Alistair Darling is a Grade A fuckwit with all of the economic faculty of a particularly stupid dildo (and, like said object, he spends more time at Gordon's brown-eye, tickling Brown's arrogant little G-spot, than he does doing anything productive).
What's being proposed is the transfer of money from the less productive part of the economy to the more productive part with a resulting increase in overall welfare.


If this is a true indication of the Darling's calibre, then I think we may have found ourselves a new Patsy...


CityUnslicker said...

he says nothing ad then he says this!

I think he is more Badger than Buddy Kane.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, he is The Badger. The kind whose skull you'd like to smash in with the back of a spade.

Vindico said...

What a total fuck-munch! It certainly explains a lot - maybe he has not said a word since being made cheif-thief because the maths is too complicated for him?

What kind of loon would dare say such a thing on national radio? Certainly if he was aware of his own ignorance he would not have said anything for fear of looking stupid. So we now know we have an economically illiterate chancellor (not so unusual!) who is not even aware of his own handicap. God help us all.

Also might i take a wild guess and ask whether he in fact said this on BBC radio, and whether the BBC presenter picked him up on it?? I suspect not as the only people mor ementally handicapped are those who present BBC 'news'.

Dr Blue said...

I think Dawn Primarolo at health could become unpopular.

Alan Johnson has said little so far so we haven't learn to hate him (yet)

Sir Liam Donaldson CMO has hung too long at health, and should be removed soon.

ON the NHS "ideas" site the suggestion was an award for failure of the year. This cabinet looks set to get many worthwhile nominations this year.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...