Thursday, August 09, 2007

Do you want what the EU teaches?

Teaching children how wonderful the EU is

Via Vindico's excellent blog (grab that RSS feed now: seriously), I see that the EU has decided that our teachers are simply not good enough*. Vindico points to this article...
The European Commission has set out proposals to improve the quality of teacher training in the EU. eLearning may be a key tool employed.
High-quality teaching is a prerequisite for high-quality education and training...

Well, there's little that I could argue with there, except that I thought that education didn't come under the remit of the European Union; isn't education a devolved issue, as it were? Er... yes. So how is the EU justifying entering yet another area of our lives? Yes, that's right; it's the old favourite...
... which are in turn a powerful determinant of Europe’s long-term competitiveness and capacity to create more jobs and growth. If adopted by Member States, the proposals agreed yesterday will ensure that the EU has the highly-educated workforce it will need to face up to the pressures of the 21st century.

Ah, yes. This is how the EU practises “policy creep”; their “aims” allow for an awful lot of interference.

The whole “jobs and growth” thing is an extension of the—more than slightly nebulous—Lisbon Agenda (aiming to make the EU one of the R&D powerhouses of the world); if this fails, of course, they can resort to the 308 rule that allows the EU to intervene in any area in which they can facilitate the aims of common market.

In this kind of way—i.e. through nebulous treaty “aims”—the EU ensures that it can interfere in any Member State area that it desires.

And what do we think that the EU will be teaching? Will it be anything like that wee book that I published pictures from, that showed the EU as being the champion of climate change policy; will they perhaps be teaching our children that the EU is the saviour of the world, the entity that has held Europe together, the organisation that has prevented war on the continent since World War II (something those of us with half a brain know to be a lie)?

That our politicians are stupid and venal enough to sign up to this kind of shit used to surprise me; after the revelation of their new potential status under the EU Constitution Reform Treaty, nothing surprises me any longer.

The more that I consider all of this, the more I am tempted to subscribe to Guido's idea of not voting for them because “it only encourages them”. But I don't: and why?

Because I think we should hang the lot from lamp posts and have done with them, the bunch of fucking cunt-crap shit-fuckers. Burn the fucking lot of 'em, I say, and then piss on the bodies.

Who's with me?

* I never thought that I would agree with the EU on anything but, I must admit, I find it difficult to question their judgement on this one.


Vindico said...

Thanking you kindly sir devil for the hat tip. I think the reason they are moving into education is because 1) they have more comissioners than they know what to do with, and 2) they have fixed eveything else!!

Roger Thornhill said...

vindico - added to my blogroll. To paraphrase Harry Enfield's Yorkshireman (real man, me)

"You say what you bloody well like, and I like what you bloody well say".

The Remittance Man said...

"and then piss on the bodies."

Sorry can't agree with you there. For one thing it could be interpreted as a belated attempt to assist the buggers and for another it would be a waste of good piss.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Do you want what the EU teaches?.

Fucking hell, no!!

Serf said...

Because I think we should hang the lot from lamp posts and have done with them, the bunch of fucking cunt-crap shit-fuckers.

Normally crass language is a substitute for communications skills.

In your hands, however, it's a tool of poetry. I agree with every fucking word.

Vindico said...

DK, do you realise your links in the post are not working?

Anonymous said...

The EU is already taught in 'Citizenship' lessons in schools anyway. In my school there's two pretty big displays on the European Union, all positive. I don't know whether that's the Government, the EU, or the left-wing nature of the principal and a number of the teachers.

Careless said...

Politicians/lawyers are evil. The most egregious example in my American experience is when the United States supreme court ruled that the gift of marijuana to medical patients could be controlled under the Constitution's clause giving Congress power to control interstate commerce. That is to say, they concluded that the power to control interstate commerce included the power to control something that was not sold, did not travel across state lines, and for which there was no market.

Lawyers/governments will rape us all whenever they have the power, and the EU is the biggest governmental power grab you guys have faced for a long time. I wish you luck in blocking their attempts to enslave you.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...