Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dale Watch

Your humble Devil has a whole host of things that he wants to pick up on, and so I will start with a couple of bits from young Master Iain Dale.

The first is amusing, for it is Iain laying into the Tories which is always an entertaining thing to read. And, in this case, he has good reason: Gummer is (and always has been) a fucking idiot.
What sane politician would actually try to cap ALL airport expansion in the three main airports in the country?

In addition to preventing these - and presumably other - airports from expanding, he wants to take the first step to abolishing all domestic flights by putting VAT on them. If I thought he wanted to stop there I wouldn't be so worried, but make no mistake, he agrees with Tim Yeo that domestic flights should be done away with completely (apart from the ones Yeo takes to play golf, of course). There is a slight problem, though, in that we don't have the rail (or indeed road) capacity to replace those flights.

Tim Yeo is a fucking faithless cunt and I laid into his stupidity at the time. You'll remember that Mr Yeo said that...
What we should be doing is tackling the domestic flights first. There is no reason at all why people should fly around the UK, fly from London to Edinburgh, London to Scotland, London to Glasgow, London to Manchester, London to Newcastle. Those flights should be knocked out. What we should do is tax domestic flights so heavily and use the money to improve the railways so that in five years time everyone is choosing to go by train within the UK.

I then pointed out that Yeo was probably endorsed by Cameron and his husky-hugging friends.
Mr Yeo is a fucking idiot of the first water; one must assume that his remarks are endorsed by the massive-foreheaded cunt Cameron and no doubt supported by the new, green Conservatives. What a bunch of fucking wankers the Tory leadership are.

Our political masters are proposing to tax us to buggery on the flimsiest of science, they salve their consciences by buying Carbon Points with our fucking money and then, nauseatingly, they turn around and tell us it's for our own good! What the fuck is going on?

And it seems that, on this occasion, Master Dale agrees with me.
These proposals are gesture politics of the worst sort. They give the impression of being highly enviornmentally friendly in order to add weight to the VOTE BLUE GO GREEN image, but in reality they are right out of the Liberal Democrat manual of looney tune policies.

If you stop any development of the big three airports all that will happen is that trade will be transfered to overseas hubs like Schiphol. People will then take short haul flights back to London - or - and it's a big or - they may just not bother and transfer their business to a city with good transport links.

I'm tired of politicians of all parties thinking that taxes are the answer to everything. The Conservatives say that increases in green taxes will be offset by tax cuts elsewhere, but it's clear that this won't be the case for everyone. The answer to so many environmental questions is to provide incentives not punishments. Why is it that so few politicians 'get' this?

These proposals will damage the economy of London and the South East, reduce economic activity and lead to job losses. There's nothing Conservative about that. It's the economics of the puerile to suggest that airports who are taxed won't pass the cost onto the customer. So the dear old tax payer is hit with a good old double whammy.

The Tories are looking increasingly unhinged, and especially on the issue of climate change and the environment. I simply cannot stress enough that anthropogenic global warming is a theory, and nothing more. Indeed, it seems that a good number of cracks are beginning to appear in the theory that there is any warming actually going on, let alone the idea that it is humans who are causing it.

Worryingly, our politicians seems to be proposing the severe curtailment of our life, liberty and property on some extremely dodgy science.

Still, it is not simply the scientists who seem to be doing some severely dodgy thinking, as demonstrated by Iain's comment on Waitrose's latest adverts.
Have you seen that new Waitrose advert? The one that has Love me Tender as the theme and ends with the caption "Supporting British Farmers", as Elvis sings "And I always will". As Mr Royal might say, 'supporting British farmers, my arse'. I'm surprised it made it through the Advertising Standards Authority checks for accuracy. For one moment I thought it said 'extorting British farmers'. For most supermarkets that would be a far more accurate slogan, and I doubt whether Waitrose is any different to the others.

Er... It seems that Iain seems to be a wee bit confused and many people have accused him, in the comments, of not believing in free markets.
UPDATE: I'm amazed at the comments on this thread and the number of people who attribute views to me I just do not have. Of course I believe in free markets. But the big supermarkets do not operate in a free market. They use their huge power to subvert the free market of supply. In other words they use their might to blackmail small suppliers.

Well, you might well argue so, Iain; interestingly, of course, farmers are not short of unions through which they might present a united bargaining front. But that, of course, is not the real point.

The real point is that farmers also do not operate in a free market: they are massively subsidised by the taxpayers of this country through the CAP. As such, I have very little sympathy for what might have been described as "the farmers' plight". That the supermarkets force produce prices down so that those massive subsidies don't stop people getting food is a good thing.

Of course, were the farmers not so massively subsidised, they would not be willing to sell their products at such a low price and might just... well... raise their prices.

Neither of these two parties are necessarily operating in a free market: but of the two, it is the supermarkets who are most in the right. They do not, ultimately, force the people of this country to subsidise them in the way that the farmers do (or, rather, the EU forces us to).

Can we leave yet?

UPDATE: more on supermarkets from David Davis at the Libertarian Alliance.

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It's funny how the government uses financial punishment to govern, yet ideologically doesn't believe in the effectiveness of punishment.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

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