Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cameron on Newsnight

Iain Dale is recommending that you watch Spam-Cam on Newsnight. I would heartily endorse that recommendation, not only because Cameron puts in a decent performance, but because it shows what a stupid bunch of fucks the BBC journos interviewing him are.

Stephanie What's-Her-Fucking-Face comes across, as many women do, as a hectoring, irritating fuckwit with no clue what she's talking about. She proudly announces that she is unmarried and attacks Cameron for the Tory idea of giving married couples £20 a week, but utterly fails to explain where, precisely, her child is whilst she is on Newsnight being a total fucking bitch.*

The blond guy with glasses also comes across as a cunt of the very first water, totally failing to grasp Spam's ideas on crime.

Seriously, watch it: it's there until 5 today. As you know, I carry no torch for the Tories, but—for fuck's sake—I cannot believe that I am forced to pay, on pain of imprisonment, for this bunch of useless, bigoted BBC fuckers.

UPDATE: one of the nastiest aspects of the Beeb journos comes out during the questioning about the outside jobs that the Shadow Cabinet have. There is the constant repetition of the phrase "incredibly lucrative" in relation to said positions, as though what Hague and co. might be paid for their work has the slightest bearing on whether or not they have time, or capacity, to do their Front Bench jobs well.

The constant theme running throughout this programme is that the BBC journos very obviously consider that people earning over a certain amount are morally wrong. One wonders what this collection of fucks are paid: I can pretty much guarantee that it is well over the median wage.

If anyone would like to collate the names of these four cunts and then look up, in the Beeb's accounts, how much they are paid (if that's possible) I would be very interested to know...

UPDATE 2: inevitably, of course, the whole question of Spam's finances and schooling came up (the four twerps using accusatory terms, naturally). As I have said before, only in this benighted fucking country would we criticise a politician for being intelligent, well-educated and successful.

UPDATE 3: one of the sensible ideas that Cameron proposed was that of elected police chiefs (something that young Wat Tyler has been banging on about for some time).

One of the four fucks—I think that it might have been the stupid bloody woman—asked what would happen if, in an elected chief's area—this chief officer decided to ignore stabbings and rapes, what would happen then Mr Cameron? Are you endorsing that? Are you?

No, you thick cunt: the point is that the people wouldn't endorse that and they would elect someone who would address their concerns better. That's the whole fucking point.

Oh, and only a bloody Beeb journo could possibly posit that the state abdicating responsibility for anything (in this case, policing) is a bad thing.

Can we privatise the BBC yet?

UPDATE 4: Biased BBC is similarly unimpressed. Oh yeah: who was that fourth guy again...?

UPDATE 5: Vindico is on form too, and also quotes the passage that I alluded to.
Crick's pathetic attempt to suggest Cameron is trying to "abdicate" his responsibility to local communities. What the fudgecake?? How terrible!
Crick: "If the police commissioner for Liverpool says 'turn a blind eye to drug dealing, turn a blind eye to prostitution', that's ok is it?"

It seems he fails to understand how democracy works. Local people would be able to determine what is and is not important and elect the person they want to. No longer would they be forced to accept unaccountable and unresponsive policing.

Ah, so it was the blond man who looked a bit like a Gestapo pain-doctor, and not the bitchy, lower middle class woman. Well, either way, he has completely missed the fucking point in just about the most obvious way.

Thinking about it, Crick may have been even more of a stinking, pusillanimous, leftist whorebag than the woman. Gosh, it's so very difficult to tell.

Anyway, here's one of my favourite lines from Vindico...
One noticeable question came from Stephanie Flanders, who calls herself an economist, who actually asks..
Flanders: "You would give me, just for getting married, £20/wk. Is that really a good use of scarce public resources?"

Public resources? Since when has a tax allowance been using up scarce public resources. My money is MY resource, not the public's!! Get back in your cage bitch.

Class! Anyway, can we privatise this piece of shit organisation now, please?

* It has been pointed out to me that this may come across as a wee bit misogynistic. What I meant was that many women in media jobs seem to be trying extra hard: whether this is because of a real or perceived paternalistic bias, I don't know. However, this woman was trying very hard and, since all four were utter fucking arseholes, she merely came over as the bitchiest fucking arsehole of the lot.

Oh, and she was massively self-obsessed as well. I don't give two fucking shits whether you want £20 a week or not, love; if you don't want to get married and you are raping my tax money for enough that £20 a week means stuff-all to you, then the very best of luck. Others aren't quite so fortunate.


Katy Newton said...

Are you aware that many men also come across as hectoring, irritating fuckwits with no idea what they're talking about?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Heh! Such as me in this post...?


Katy Newton said...


Jackart said...

Update 3: I've been banging on about elected sheriffs too!

Ralph said...

Katy: 'Are you aware that many men also come across as hectoring, irritating fuckwits with no idea what they're talking about?'

Have we met?

The Remittance Man said...

"what would happen if, in an elected chief's area—this chief officer decided to ignore stabbings and rapes, what would happen then Mr Cameron? Are you endorsing that? Are you?"

What chuffing planet is this moron inhabiting? There's enough evidence out there to show that the police are ignoring all sorts of fairly serious crimes at the moment (Burglary, damage to property, theft etc etc etc) all apparently endorsed by the curent government.

The only difference is that, under the current system, the public, who are justifiably miffed, can do fuck all about it.

ps Please can someone pirate a copy of the interview to Youtube? I can't watch at work and it might be offline by time I get home.

David said...

I watched this interview and thought DC came over extremely poorly. As an example he talks about controlling immigration when he can do absolutely nothing about immigration from countries within the EU. In any case he wishes to remain in the EU to which I say: If that is so then why don't you move over there then and take every other EU Loving Halfwit with you and leave the rest of us alone to get on how WE wish?

It does not seem to matter which of the three major parties win the next election we will still have a red/blue/yellow Brussels Occupation Government. I think we should all vote for UKIP and get out of the whole sorry mess like Norway did.

All three main parties bring to mind the definition of 'Politics':

'Poli' as in the Latin for many, and 'tics' as in blood sucking creatures.


Roger Thornhill said...

Yes, Stef was totally irrational and they were all very "6th Form" who think they have an unpopular kid they can bully in front of a "knowing" audience. All very amateur and smart-arse, like those irritating ponces who pipe up during presentations - you know the kind: "what about 'always on'"? SABFH.

Is there a transcript?

the doctor said...

DK ; I am shocked at your opinion of the delightful Stephanie Flanders ,she is the new " Thinking Mans Totty " and one hell of an economics commentator .
I quite fancy her !!!!

chris said...

the BBC journos very obviously consider that people earning over a certain amount are morally wrong

What is the betting that the highest level that these journos think is morally acceptable is curiously well aligned to how much they get?

Mountjoy said...

Here's a nugget of information from Conservative Home about 'Ms' Flanders...

Stephanie was educated at St Paul's Girls' School, Balliol College, Oxford and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University......she worked at the FT and the Clinton White House for Larry Summers........just like Ed Balls

Her sister Laura is a lesbian radio journalist in New York

Posted by: TomTom | August 30, 2007 at 10:41


Flavious said...

In other news of bbc fuckwittery, I see Horrocks is talking Bollocks again, categorically denying that al-beeb has a line on climate change.

My blood pressure just hit something stupid again.

Dr Rant said...

The nauseating Steph has caught my attention before as well:



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Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...