Monday, August 06, 2007

Rounding up

Britblog Roundup #129 is now up.

UPDATE: via the Roundup, just out of sheer spite and to teach these arrogant fucks a lesson, I think that we should all publicise the decency of the Halifax as regards Craig Murray's son...
Jamie was planning to finish shortly and to set off on a cheap hostel holiday around Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, the wages for one of the events at which he had worked did not come through in the expected week, This resulted in him slipping over - by less than £50 - his £250 overdraft limit.

That does not sound like a disaster. But he had been booking his hostels online with his debit card, putting down the tiny deposits required.

8 deposits came in total to only a bit over £30. But the Halifax allowed each transaction on the card, and then charged him £30 penalty per transaction. That is a fine of £240 on £34 worth of payments. As a result he has to cancel his holiday, as I have no cash either.

I think that these fuckers deserve to have their business ruined, if only for inflicting that cunt Howard on us...


Mark Wadsworth said...

The Alliance & Leicester did that to me once, it was even more spiteful, on the first of the month various direct debits went out, the last one was sufficient to put me into overdraft (about £50), but they reversed the order of the DD's so that the LAST one was deemed to come first, so they slapped a £20 penalty on each one.

I shut down the account and went to the Halifax. I few years later I used the wrong card, and went £30 overdrawn, they threatened a penalty so I begged and pleaded and they cancelled it.

flashgordonnz said...

We were organising a mortgage thru Halanthrax. Me and the missus work, so we asked them to call us at work if they had questions. Each night for a week-and-a-half, we would arrive home to messages asking us to call them urgently. Even after changing our callminder message after 3 days to include “if you’re calling from the Halifax, please hang up now and redial 020-xxx-xxx” they still left messages on urgent matters on the home phone. It only came slightly close to us losing the flat of our dreams (rather, budget), but certainly helped harden the arteries.

Anonymous said...

I`ve been with First Direct, Alliance & Leicester & Halifax. And let me tell you they are all a bunch of thieving cunts.
As for fucking Direct bastardin` Debits, why do they always come out the day before you get fucking paid, taking you a penny overdrawn and suddenly - Kerching! - that`ll be £30 please.
If there ain`t enough money in your fucking account, it shouldn`t get fucking paid!


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