Monday, July 30, 2007

Summing up Brown

Just because Jackart and I have the occasional contre temps over the fitness to govern of the Conservative Party doesn't mean that The Dude doesn't have a very neat turn of phrase and a talent for summing up the iniquities of The Gobblin' King, in particular.
Welcome as this change in style is, it is just that. The electorate will realise soon enough that this Prime Minister is the man who has been responsible for the biggest rise in taxation in peacetime history. The man responsible for ensuring that those on the minimum wage are taxed to penury and see almost no benefit from increases in the minimum wage, almost all of which goes back to the exchequer. The man responsible for ensuring that the already generously pensioned public sector are now paid more than the private sector and have grown shockingly in useless, parasitic number. The man responsible for an explosion in the state's size and reach, sucking the oxygen out of the economy. The man who has strangled innovation in red-tape (the tax book is now three times the volume it was in 1997). The man responsible for giving very poor people money, and then demanding it back, with menaces, once they had spent it.

They will realise that the much vaunted "stability" the UK has enjoyed under his watch is a remarkable piece of economic luck - the world has boomed due to former commies opening their markets and we have benefited. Brown's grotesque, criminal overspend during this globalisation boom means that when the downturn comes, UK PLC has much less in reserve to ride out the storm. In short in the good times, when we should have been laying down surpluses, Gordon has been spending extravagantly. And spending in an inflationary and profligate way, to the Joy of Fuck-wits in the public sector unions and to the mute, dumbstruck horror of anyone who knows anything about economics and the business cycle.

Eventually the inevitable Taxes and stagflation will be what drives the electorate away from the Labour party, who remain a bunch of spiteful, spivvy wankers. The nanny state, the thought police and the interfering, nosy officialdom which has grown up in the last decade as a result of Brown's policies will become the remaining epitaph of this regime. People will realise what they disliked about the Blair government was not the Liar at its helm, but the socialist first mate. It is only now he is steering the ship, that we will be able to see that it has been him doing so all along.

I would love to believe that people will realise all of this but there are few things so stupid, and tribal, as the British public, some of whom would still vote Labour even were they having to eat their own turds to curb the knawing craving in their empty stomachs.


Dr Blue said...

We're noticing no changes with health policy. Managers and doctors getting in each other's way and blaming each other as usual.

Sceptical that Johnson will be any great improvement on Hewitt in practice.

MJW said...

As your own postings on the corrosive nature of welfarism more than ably point out there are now whole generations of people in the UK who have been bred to be feckless and indolent, with others who make a living off the back of servicing the feckless and indolent with sustenance and apologism paid for by those with a work ethic. These people are not going to vote for an end to the system that keeps most of them poor (well in relative poverty at least which isn’t quite the same thing as being genuinely poor) and gives the others a parasitic existence on the back of the poor, the very idea would be like Turkeys voting for Christmas.

Prodicus said...

Poetry. Compliments to the chef.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...