Friday, July 13, 2007

In some typically wishful thinking, the Guardian excitedly reports that 'Flash' Gordon, the massive fucking fucktard, 'son of the Manse' and leonine hero of Socialist Europe is taking the fight to the US. Apart from the fact that the 'message' is actually about as challenging as taking a full-bodied slap from Dale Winton's shadow, the analysis is as full of the same whimpering lefty bullshit as e'er you will see.
"Mr Alexander said: "In the 20th century a country's might was too often measured in what they could destroy.""

Yep—if only because that's what 'might' actually means. With all due respect: go smoke a cock, Your Highness. What's the new measure going to be? The number of treaties we're all signed up to? Smashing stuff—hand me a pen and hear me roar!
"In the 21st century strength should be measured by what we can build together. And so we must form new alliances, based on common values, ones not just to protect us from the world, but ones which reach out to the world." He described this as "a new alliance of opportunity".

You mean like the Axis powers of WWII did? Sharing as they did the common values of fascist imperialism... fuck me. "Butterflies are pretty," quoth the minister "and every child shall have fruit". What is this tosh? It's not 'I have a dream' is it? Yet we're supposed to believe that these soppy platitudes from the mouth of a tertiary flunky will send ripples of anxiety through the US Government. Get fucking real.
"He added: "We need to demonstrate by our deeds, words and our actions that we are internationalist, not isolationist, multilateralist, not unilateralist, active and not passive, and driven by core values, consistently applied, not special interests.""

(Say what? Our deeds and our actions? That's a pretty steep order. Are we up to it?)

So what are your 'core values' you fucking ninny? The belief that democracy is a force for good wherever it takes root? That we should be active in promoting it - even to the point of war? That we should join alliances that we believe are right - even in the teeth of opposition of people who don't agree with us?

I'm not saying that the Iraq war was the best executed idea this side of the Breville Sandwich Maker, but you can't really argue that cowering in the bunker like the French represented 'internationalist, active action' (although it did sit well with France's consistent 'values'—sell arms to a murderous dictatorship whilst proclaiming to be the protectors of peace with typically Gallic irony).

Thank fuck it's Friday.


Ed said...

What happened to announcing policies in Parliament? Didn't last long did it. The Brownites must have been itching to "get one over" on America for ten years...

Mark Wadsworth said...

"In the 21st century strength should be measured ..."

Stop right there.

Sentences with the word "should*" in them are usually meaningless and/or display complete lack of understanding or knowledge on part of speaker/writer.

*Unless you are using it the sense of "is likely to" e.g. "Reducing the price should lead to an increase in quantity sold" is acceptable. May turn out to be incorrect, different topic.

Something like "People should be nicer to their children" is wishful thinking, although at least it shows that the speaker/writer has taken a position.

But how is that whining Scots git going to persuade the world to take us seriously purely on the basis of "what we can build together". What? If it's something that another country builds with us (e.g. Channel Tunnel) that does strengthen ties between UK and France. Apart from that, it's every country for itself. Why can't he stand up and say "I will always put the UK's interests first". That'd be cool!

Reactionary Snob said...


You are back... fantastic news.


Carps said...

Glad to be back, Snob old chap. Since having a 'little bastard' as DK named my boy, my anger has been held in check too long by late nights and early mornings! I can't help but feel that it's high time to get back on the horse now that The One Eyed One is at the helm...

Mark Wadsworth said...

Our Prime Minister is a .

The Remittance Man said...

Internationalist - last time I looked Iraq definately fell into the "abroad" category

Multilateralist - Well, there was us, the Yanks, the Aussies, some Danes, Latvians, Poles and others. There were even some Spaniards until their new socialist PM chickened out.

Active - well every time I switch on the news those soldier chappies all seem very energetic.

Driven by core values - like getting rid of dictators and bringing democracy

Consistently applied - does 62 years qualify one for the Advanced Consistency Badge?

Not special interests - like dropping your trousers and bending over just to keep the cabal that runs the eu-Empire happy you mean?

lahgbr said...

I did have a faint idea that our new Dear Leader had a modicum of common sense and realism in his approach to politics. How wrong I clearly was! It hasn't taken long for the brain-rot of supreme power to take effect, if he did have any sense in his socialistically-deluded and decidedly unpretty bonce. 'PC' bollocks issues from his every orifice on a daily basis. Not only is he going to coat the whole of England in concrete and over-priced gerry-building to accommodate the incoming hordes of new EU citizens, illegal immigrants and perhaps a few British people, but he is going to destroy what little is left of our state education system by forcing 18 year-old thugs on crack cocaine to stay glued to their desks (I don't think). And now he is clearly going to betray the one thing that Blair stayed true to - our alliance with America. And why not? When we have 'friends' like the French and our other robust democracy-defending colleagues of the EU-Reich, who needs to stay in with the one remaining super-power and semi-sincere democracy on earth and make any attempt to defend western civilisation?
Oh - and apparently schools are going to be told to teach Urdu so that's all right, then.
How much of this will we have to put up with before the people rebel and vote in that other cheap con-man - Dave, or whatever his name is? Who will be just as bad.
I would despair, but not only do I not have the energy, but I think I've gone beyond despair, now, with this sorry country. Oh well.
Mr. Hughes

Mark Wadsworth said...

"forcing 18 year-old thugs on crack cocaine to stay glued to their desks"

That should read "sniff glue at their desks"

Alien Anthropologist said...

"Driven by core values - like getting rid of dictators and bringing democracy"

Since when was replacing a secular dictator with an Islamic theocracy considered a core British value? 'Democracy' in a country with an Islamic majority would always lead to Islamic rule; when Islamic nutters are killing people in our own country, why should we be sending soldiers to die for Islam in Iraq?

Lars H. F. said...

A really interesting discussion. As some of you clearly argue in favour of the British-American relationship, I recommend you check out today's article on the Atlantic Community. It asks for comments on whether Brown's foreign policy will lead the UK away from the US and closer to other EU memberstates, as Brown's first visit to Merkel (instead of going to Washington) indicates:

Will Brown's Dinner With Merkel Leave Bush Hungry

guido faux said...

It's all just so much posturing. Brown knows Blair's closeness to Bush was an electoral liability. In private we will be reassuring the Americans of the status quo. Just look at the Egyptian government - they spend all day condemning America to their citizens whilst receiving $billions in aid and privately pledging cooperation and support.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...