Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In Prison. Indefinitely.

Christ. It had to happen – Brown had to, at some point, start foaming at the mouth over security. And lo and behold, it has happened. But it is so disappointing as he was doing so well. As Mr E noted, Brown's reaction to the failed car bombings was actually quite mature and restrained:
“What was noticeable, over the weekend, was not so much the reaction of the government as what they didn't do. There was no quivering-lipped emoting from the PM; no Home Secretary touring the TV studios like a drunk looking for a brawl, all barely suppressed anger and dark, muttered threats; no unattributable leaks to the News of the World hinting at further legislation to curtail the rights of suspects, or increase surveillance on our streets. Some thought Brown's statement on Saturday was underwhelming. Wooden, certainly; but I quite like being underwhelmed in these situations.”

But now he’s gone for it. Detaining people for months on end is the way forward. ID cards represent out salvation. Hoorah! Actually, no. Fuck the fuck off Gordo, with your desperate attempts to get your grubby talons on yet more power for you and your government of jibbering, dribbling mongs.

Apparently he has:
“He has challenged David Cameron to “put party politics aside” and act in the national interest to strengthen police powers.”

Love it. Classic Blairite argument. Increasing police powers is in the public interest. No need to question around it. It it the truth. Sorry, but is it? When did that become an ironclad fact? When did that become an indisputable fact that more power for the police is in the public interest? Because some people would argue that reducing police powers is more in the public interests that giving some of those fuckers more power!

Brown says:
“We are facing an al Qa'eda who are trying to cause carnage.”

And, barring the terrible carnage of 7/7, trying and failing. No, really they are. 21/7, the would be plane bombings, the car bombings – they are coming across more as “Carry On” style terrorists than capable jihadists. Why the panic?

“We will agree to protect the public’s civil liberties.”

How? By reducing them? Go get a strong coffee, Gordon, syringe your Gollum like ears out, come back, sit down, and fucking listen. ID cards damage civil liberties. Increased detention periods damage civil liberties. Are you such a slack jawed spastic that you cannot digest these two simple as fuck facts?
“We have to show we are resolute and strong and steadfast in tackling what they are determined to do.”

And how is a knee jerk reaction showing we are determined? Ah, wait, it doesn’t, Gordon, you bastard son of Satan and a wolf whore. The whole point of fighting terrorism is you don’t let them think their odious acts can have a massive impact on the way we live our lives. Not panic and force through ill thought out policies that give more power to the control freaks masquerading as a government.

David Davis speaks something approaching sense. He is:
“…insisting such a move risked alienating local communities and “driving young Muslim males into the arms of extremists”.”

Yep. But losing more civil liberties to the Nu Labour cock headed fuckwits who run this country alienates not just local communities, but anyone in this country who values their freedom in any way. It should appal all right thinking people everywhere in this country.

Davis again:
“He said: “We have an alternative proposal - in the event of a national emergency the Government can give police the power to detain suspects for an extra 30 days, on top of the 28 day limit, under the Civil Contingencies Act.””

For fuck's sake no! No! We don’t need to detain people for more than 28 days! The police should be able to build up cases in much less than 28 days!

And how *precisely* would an extended detention period stop the terrorist attacks? Most of the bombers have only been on the periphery of the radar of both the police and the security services. They would have had ID cards. And they wouldn’t have been detained for more than 28 days or less than 28 days as, more often than not, the police don’t seem to have a clue what these people have planned until after they have tried (and often failed) to implement their plans. Shitting hell, why can’t our politicians note the very simple fact that ID cards and extended detention periods would not have stopped 7/7, 21/7, etc etc? Can they really be that frigging stupid? Have I missed something? Has it suddenly become a mandatory requirement of MPs to have an IQ of less than 70?

Jacqui Smith is backing Brown. Hardly surprising I know – she (like the rest of the nation) is probably still incredulous that Brown knew who the fuck she was a few weeks ago. She knows that she keeps her role and therefore maintains her career by sucking on the proverbial(?) cock of the new PM. But the Telegraph points out something very interesting:
“Her position contradicts that of her predecessor, John Reid, who said earlier this year he had not seen evidence which showed it was necessary to extend the 28-day limit.”

That’s right, John Reid – the man who gave the impression that he wanted to prevent crime by headbutting everyone in the UK into a bloody paste – the man who would not look out of place in the fucking SA – thought 28 days was enough.

That is how draconian our government has become. They make John “Rambo” Reid look fucking liberal.

Our government is apparently fighting for freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the bastard hell are they going to start fighting for freedom in the UK?


Prodicus said...

Davis also says the emphasis should be on tackling terrorism, not merely tracking it. This implies a huge injection of money into the security services, way beyond even restoring the effects of Brown's parsimony (as with the military - he hates both).

Mostly I'm with you but there are circs in which I would go with Davis's line on extraordinary extension of the detention rules. War occasionally happens, as do other extreme civil dangers. Not a pleasant thought but it's a fact. The difficulty is the reduction of the period to a lesser norm when the threat subsides, which leads me back to my original position, alongside you.

chris said...

If they get 56 days detention without charge, as they want at the moment, this will be the 4th time the period has been doubled since Labour came to power in 1997.

Roger Thornhill said...

This utterly undermines our freedoms and allows people to accuse the UK of being a Fascist State.

Sean Gabb has made a short vid, which I think sums it up rather well.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...