Monday, July 09, 2007

Climate cuttings from an Ecclesiastical Eminence

Bishop Hill has been making the study of the mendacity of anthropogenic climate change advocates something of a speciality over the last year or more, and has now started to collate the latest examples into a regular section known as Climate Cuttings. I find them immensely useful and so I shall be bookmarking them at The Kitchen from now on.

The first four are already up.
  1. Climate Cuttings 1
    Steve McIntyre notices some surprising features of the temperature record [...] How, he asks, can these scientists claim to know the temperature a millenium ago to an accuracy of a couple of tenths of a degree when they have errors of half a degree in 2005?

  2. Climate Cuttings 2
    In the face of Freedom of Information requests, the IPCC has finally put the reviewers comments on the Fourth Assessment Report online. As part of the conditions for looking at the comments they demand that you agree not to reproduce them in part or in full! It's flabbergasting to see the IPCC say that it would be "inappropriate" to show the missing Briffa data (you know, where the tree rings suggested falling temperatures in recent decades)...

  3. Climate Cuttings 3
    In the last edition of Climate Cuttings, I noted that NOAA was trying to stop the Surfacestations project by hiding the names of the volunteer station managers in the reference database. They now appear foolish as well as disingenuous...

  4. Climate Cuttings 4
    Schwartz et al, writing on the Nature Climate Reports site, say that the IPCC is exagerrating the predictive power of its computer models. As I observed some weeks ago, Kevin Trenberth—an IPCC lead author—says they're not forecasts but scenarios...

Do go and have a look through them; some of the stuff that we are being fed is absolutely scandalous. Well, I say scandalous because there are people—yes, and some of them are scientists—who are actively lying to us (no fucking surprise there, eh?).

I may well put a permanent link in the sidebar, when I get a minute.


Roger Thornhill said...

Of course they want to lie so as to leave no doubt - the POWER that will come with the Green Religion of Unthought is immense and they WANT IT.

Latest: Green groups condemn the new Boeing 787 as its efficiency may encourage more flying...there you have it - "Gaia" is just a ruse to drag us all back into the Dark Ages.

Phil A said...

One suspects that what the Greens actually want is a park like bucolic world where the vast majority, the peasants, or proletariat, (because they are too greedy and stupid to be trusted and therefore deserve it) live a short life and die within a day’s walk of where they were born.

While the select Green elite (Al Gore and anyone who took part in ‘the’ concert) travel the world and enjoy the benefits of a long life and green technology, as is their due because they are not greedy and can be trusted to love Gaia.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...