Monday, July 30, 2007

Bullied to death? No, premeditated murder

A trio of evil bastards who are not fit to live.

Via Mr FM, there are some stories that makes one despair of people.
A 17-year-old girl and two men have been jailed for "bullying to death" a vulnerable man in Cornwall.

Steven Hoskin, 38, of St Austell, was tortured and then taken to a viaduct and forced to hang from railings.

Sarah Bullock, who stamped on his hands causing him to fall 100ft to his death, was detained for 10 years for murder.

This man wasn't "bullied to death"; he was tortured and murdered, plain and simple. Don't try and dress this up in infant concepts, you fucks; that just gives the impression that these fucks were anything other than completely responsible for their actions.
The judge also expressed "grave disquiet" that the gang had lived in Mr Hoskin's flat for 15 months without the knowledge of Cornwall social services department.

What's that? A government department hasn't done its job properly—why am i not fucking suprised?

As for these three murdering fucks, I hope that they have a bloody awful time in prison. Since their victim had a "the reading ability of a six-year-old" I do sincerely hope that the other inmates treat these evil bastards as they would child-murderers.

And because, as a libertarian, I cannot condone state-sponsored murder via the death penalty, but I do hope that Bullock, Stewart and Pollard do the decent thing and kill themselves. Painfully.


Miss Smack said...

Wow thats an appalling crime. I hope they rot in hell or at the very least are punished by the inmates.

JuliaM said...

"Sarah Bullock, who stamped on his hands causing him to fall 100ft to his death, was detained for 10 years for murder.

Her boyfriend and gang leader Darren Stewart, 30, was jailed for at least 25 years for murder. Martin Pollard, 21, was given eight years for manslaughter."

So, the one who was directly responsible for his death gets a lesser sentence than one of her co-defendants.

Why? Simply her age....?

Roger Thornhill said...

If this poor chap had a reading age of a six year old, I suspect the scum were punishing him for being smarter than they. He was almost certainly a better human being, which in chav terms means "target".

One waste of skin got just 10 years for this (equals 6?). All should be in for 40 before any review takes place whatsoever. Every ten years their story and imprisonment should be retold as as to remind others.

They should spend that 40 years in Roger's special prison on a remote rocky crag collecting birds' eggs from cliff-tops mid-storm with no harnesses. Their cell to be an unheated breezeblock unit 6x6x12 and a grill floor to cater for their excretions. A treadmill is where they pump up water and is used to generate any power they consume for lighting and the interests of eco-friendliness, y'understand.

I really think the UK should reconsider the concept of felony murder, which it dropped some time ago.

flashgordonnz said...

In their photos they look like chimps. Hairless chimps. Roger: does your prison have room for Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, too? (And Broon & Blair?)

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...